Love is Blind: Amber’s 5 glaring red flags

LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix, image courtesy Netflix
LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix, image courtesy Netflix /
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Love is Blind
LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix /

If not for Jessica on Love is Blind, there is no doubt people would be focusing a lot more on Amber’s red flags. It’s time Amber received some attention.

Love is Blind has a variety of people who are on the show for various reasons. Some haven’t thought things through all the way, and others have overthought themselves into unnecessary drama (hint: Giannina). And then there is Amber.

Some may love Amber’s free-spirited ways, but there is no doubt she has red flags galore. Barnett should be very cautious moving forward. Here’s a list of Amber’s five warning signs.

1. Occupation

Everyone else has a job, an occupation. Amber, however, has a title with “former” in front of it. That’s a huge red flag because it either points to unemployment, or a job she doesn’t want anyone to know about. The former is an issue because it means she is walking into the experience looking for someone to financially support her in every way. The latter means she is into something illegal or embarrassing.

If illegal: danger, danger, danger. Based upon her mother’s reaction to the engagement news it wouldn’t be shocking if someone in the family is in a background scene for another great Netflix show called The Pharmacist. If her pride is simply in the way of something she doesn’t want to admit, she should just say she works at Hooters and/or is a stripper (both guesses).

2. It’s not furniture

This one may seem a little trivial, but let’s talk about how she sits on the kitchen counter like a child. It just speaks to a lack of refinement or childlike behavior. Both of which means Barnett is going to be taking care of her and their relationship won’t be on even footing.