Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 3 Recap: You Feel Me?

Big Brother Canada Season 8 houseguests.. Image Courtesy Corus/Global TV
Big Brother Canada Season 8 houseguests.. Image Courtesy Corus/Global TV /

A brand-new episode of Big Brother Canada 8 aired last night on Global TV. It was be Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 3.

A brand-new episode of Big Brother Canada 8 airs tonight on Global TV at 8 pm eastern. It was Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 3.

In the previous episode, Susanne Fuda rallied together numbers to ensure her safety for the week. Chris Wyllie won the second safety competition, leaving Susanne and Nico Vera as the two nominees. After being nominated, Nico went into a downward spiral. Minh-Ly Nguyen Cao stirred up trouble by campaigning hard for Nico, which put a target on her back. Nico stunned everyone by choosing to self-evict, which cancelled the planned eviction. Then, the first Head of Household competition began and we left off with Jamar Lee tied with Minh-Ly for the lead.

In this episode, we will see the conclusion of the first Head of Household competition, who the nominees are, and the usual Sunday Wendy’s plug.

Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 3 Begins

Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 3 began like all episodes do: with a recap of the events that led us to where we are now. Then, Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 3 began where the previous episode left off: at the Head of Household competition.

Head of Household Competition

The First HOH competition of the season was basketball themed. One at a time, players would grab a ball and jump on a trampoline. In the air, they would take their best shot at the wall of baskets. The goal was to get the highest point value.

Chris Wyllie won the competition after scoring 28 points. He was immediately tasked with picking four have-nots for the week. Kyle Rozendal, Madeline Di Nunzio, Micheal Stubley, and Vanessa Clements volunteered to be the have-nots.

HOH Competition Fallout

Brooke Warnock was worried about her safety for the week. She felt that Chris wanted to align with the bros and that she didn’t fit into that plan. Hira Deol was also worried for his safety. Chris felt that he was just getting started in taking over the house.

Plotting and Planning

Jamar practiced kissing Chris’ butt to the cameras to help ensure his safety for the week. Madeline went to work on Chris to ensure her alliance’s safety. It was revealed that Sheldon Jean, Kyle, Vanessa, and Brooke had an alliance called KBVS. Kyle, Vanessa, and Sheldon made plans to keep their alliance safe. Elsewhere, Madeline and Micheal began flirting and Madeline admitted in private that she thought Micheal was cute.

Chris thought he was beginning his master plan by recruiting Susanne Fuda, Vanessa, and Minh-Ly to work with him. However, they were likely playing him.

Jamar and Minh-Ly continued their awkward flirting. It was at this time that Jamar revealed his feelings for Minh-Ly to her. Elsewhere, Madeline continued to work Chris to ensure her alliance’s safety. She suggested taking Minh-Ly out to Chris as she felt it would appease the house and reassured Chris they would work together.

HOH Room Reveal and Wendy’s Plug

Chris and the houseguests got to see Chris’ HOH room for the first time. Chris was given a pair of sketchers shoes (it isn’t a Big Brother Canada episode without some sort of product placement) as well as photos of his family and a letter from home.

For winning HOH, Chris got a meal from Wendy’s and he was allowed to pick one person to join him for the meal. Chris chose Kyle to join him because he considers Kyle to be his number one ally. In an awkwardly hilarious moment, Chris’ meal was delivered to him by his mom, who he didn’t recognize at first.

More Scheming and Have-Not Room Reveal

Rianne and Hira discussed the upcoming nominations. Hira was unsure of what Chris would do as he hadn’t talked game with him. Hira felt that Chris would go after a guy.

Then, the have-not room was revealed to the houseguests. The houseguests were shocked to see what the have-not room looked like and how little space it had.

Minh-Ly and Jamar continued to flirt. Minh-Ly felt they connected because they thought alike. Micheal and Madeline also flirted with each other. Micheal revealed his military service to Madeline. As Micheal and Madeline were growing closer, Chris walked into the room and saw their conversation. This made Chris jealous and he wanted to target Micheal as a result.

Chris told Kyle he wanted Kyle as his number one, but Kyle just pretended to play along. He also told Kyle he wanted to backdoor either Kyle or Sheldon. Chris also told Kyle he was going to nominate Brooke and Hira as pawns.

Given that Brooke was in his KBVS alliance, Kyle told Brooke of Chris’ plans to nominate her. This news greatly upset Brooke and Kyle comforted her.

Chris tried to butter up Brooke by telling her how good she looked. Brooke however, was skeptical of Chris’ compliments. Chris hinted to her that she was being nominated. After Brooke confronted him on it, Chris told her she was being nominated but was not the target.

To make sure Micheal was the backdoor target, Kyle and Sheldon then formed a fake alliance with Chris to keep themselves safe. Chris then revealed to Kyle and Sheldon he wanted to backdoor Micheal. Chris thought his master plan was coming into place. However, he was being played.


At the nomination ceremony, Chris set his backdoor plan into motion. He nominated Brooke and Hira for eviction. Brooke was upset to be nominated and vowed to nominate Chris if she won HOH. Hira was upset with Chris because Chris didn’t informed him that he would be nominated and felt motivated to win the POV.

Jamar “You Feel Me?” Count Update

Tonight, Jamar had 7 instances where he said “you feel me?” That brings his total for the season to 19 in 3 episodes. We are not counting his interview with Ika or the recaps of previous episodes for this total.

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Tune in Wednesday at 8 pm eastern to see who wins the Power of Veto and if they choose to use it!