Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 4 Recap: Backdoor SZN

Big Brother Canada Season 8 houseguest Christopher “Chris” Wyllie.. Image Courtesy Corus/Global TV
Big Brother Canada Season 8 houseguest Christopher “Chris” Wyllie.. Image Courtesy Corus/Global TV /

A brand-new episode of Big Brother Canada 8 aired last night on Global TV. It was Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 4.

A brand-new episode of Big Brother Canada 8 aired last night on Global TV. It was Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 4.

In the previous episode, Chris Wyllie won the first Head of Household competition of the season and planned to take over the house. Soon after winning Head of Household, he went to work, making what he thought was an alliance between himself, Minh-Ly Nguyen Cao, Vanessa Clements, and Susanne Fuda. He came up with a master plan to nominate Brooke Warnock and Hira Deol as pawns and backdoor either Sheldon Jean or Micheal Stubley. Chris soon became jealous of Micheal’s flirtations with Madeline Di Nunzio. After getting some help from Kyle Rozendal and Sheldon (who were playing him), he settled on Micheal as his backdoor target. At the nomination ceremony, Chris’ plan went into action as Brooke and Hira were nominated for eviction.

In this episode, we saw fallout from the nomination ceremony. After that we saw see the initial scheming followed by the Power of Veto competition. After the Power of Veto competition, we will see still more scheming and finally, the Power of Veto ceremony.

Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 4 Begins

Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 4 began with a recap of the events that led us up to where we are now. After the recap, Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 4 began where Episode 3 left off, at the end of the nomination ceremony.

Pre-Power of Veto

Chris reiterated his plan to backdoor Micheal and knew of his alliance with Rianne Swanson, John Luke Kieper, and Madeline. Brooke trusted Chris that she was the pawn but also remained on high alert as she knew pawns go home. Hira hated being nominated for eviction.

Chris promised Brooke the POV would be used on her if things went his way. Brooke hated having to kiss Chris’ butt but knew she had to.

Minh-Ly went to Chris in the HOH room because she was concerned about what would happen if a member of Micheal’s alliance won the POV. Minh-Ly came up with a plan to get Micheal’s alliance to use the POV by painting herself as the decoy target.

Chris told Hira he would be safe this week. However, he gave no indication to Hira as to who the real target would be. Hira promised Chris he would be loyal to him moving forward.

Madeline began to grow suspicious of Chris’ intentions given his nominees. She tried to get Chris to tell her what his plan was. However, Chris just fed her the decoy plan to evict Minh-Ly. Chris later ended up selling John Luke and Micheal on the decoy plan and the two became confident things were going their way.

Jamar Lee and Minh-Ly continued their odd flirtations. The two ended up sharing their first kisses. They have the oddest way of flirting out of anyone I’ve ever seen because sometimes its hard to tell if they’re flirting or fighting. To illustrate this point, during a conversation to Susanne, Minh-Ly got sassy when talking about Jamar. This led to Minh-Ly teaching Susanne how to be sassy.

John Luke and Michael then told Rianne and Madeline about the decoy backdoor Minh-Ly plan. They celebrated their “success” by coming up with poses to make.

After the POV draw, Madeline and Micheal became suspicious of Chris’ intentions. Madeline considered not using the POV as a precaution to ensure her alliance’s safety if she won. Susanne tried to convince them the backdoor Minh-Ly plan was the real plan.

Power of Veto

Only 5 people played in the Power of Veto competition. In Big Brother Canada, the HOH isn’t allowed to compete for the POV until the final 5. Vanessa, Madeline, and Carol Rosher were selected to play in the POV competition alongside nominees Brooke and Hira. Susanne was selected to host the competition.

For the POV competition, players had to crawl on all fours pulling a sled towards an icy pond. Once they got to the pond, they had to bob for puzzle pieces using only their mouth to grab the piece. They then had to place the piece on their rack. Once they collected all 20 pieces, they had to wipe the snow away to uncover a fish puzzle. From there, they had to arrange their fish on the rack to match the puzzle. The catch was, the fish puzzle pieces came in different colors and sizes and they would have more pieces than they needed.

Watching the competition play out, it looked brutal. In the end, Hira came away with the POV to save himself.

Post-Power of Veto

Kyle and Minh-Ly chatted in the lounge about the plan to backdoor Micheal. Kyle and Minh-Ly didn’t trust each other. However, both understood they needed each other for the plan to work.

In the have-not room, Micheal and Madeline’s flirtations continued. Madeline told Micheal her feelings for him. Micheal admitted his crush on her in private.

Houseguests were then called to the living room and informed that Canada had been voting for one of the have-nots to receive a meal of their choice from Skip the Dishes. The winner was also exempt from being a have-not for the rest of the week. It was then revealed that Vanessa won Canada’s vote. Vanessa then ordered and enjoyed her meal. Meanwhile, Kyle fumed and got himself some slop.

John Luke and Micheal talked about how they didn’t want to be in Minh-Ly’s position, thinking she was the backdoor target. However, Micheal was the real target.

Meanwhile, Minh-Ly unknowing put a big target on her back by telling Vanessa and Carol that she wanted to backdoor Kyle. Kyle is a member of Vanessa’s alliance so Vanessa informed Kyle of Minh-Ly’s plan. Kyle then ran this information to Chris. Susanne, Vanessa, and Kyle came up to the HOH room to see if Chris would take Minh-Ly out instead. However, Chris refused, wanting to evict Micheal and destroy The Evictors alliance.

Power of Veto Ceremony

At the Power of Veto ceremony, Hira used the POV to save himself. Then, Chris dropped the bomb viewers were expecting on The Evictors and nominated Micheal as the replacement nominee. John Luke and Madeline were furious with Chris and both cursed him out. Madeline vowed that Chris would be nominated next week. Meanwhile, Chris was confident his plan was working to perfection.

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Will Chris’ backdoor plan work? Tune in to find out tonight at 8 pm eastern on Big Brother Canada 8!