Father Brown and everything coming to BritBox in April 2020

Father Brown Seasons 1 to 6 and new episodes of Pointless are on the agenda for April 2020. Here’s everything coming to BritBox next month.

With places still on lockdown, there are high chances you’re looking for something new to watch. You may even be interested in trying out a new streaming service. BritBox is an excellent streamer for lovers of all things British. Here’s everything coming to BritBox in April 2020.

One of the biggest additions has to be Father Brown. Mark Williams (Harry Potter) stars as the titular character, a Catholic priest who is able to solve some of the twistest and trickiest murders in his quaint village. As much as the police dislike it, it’s probably a good thing for the souls of the murderers.

Another excellent series to get stuck into throughout April is going to be The Mallorca Files. Detective Miranda Blake and her German counterpart, Max Winter, take on cases on the vibrant Spanish island. Miranda is used to living by the rules, but Max goes off his gut and doesn’t always listen to protocol. It certainly causes some tension between the two, which is brilliant for us watching the series.

BritBox NOW is a great way for viewers to get quick access to TV shows that air in Britain. Pointless Season 23 will start up in the UK soon, and now North American viewers will get access almost immediately. The aim is to get the most “pointless” answer—the opposite to Family Feud. Can you win?

Everything coming to BritBox in April 2020:

BritBox Now titles are marked with the asterisks.


  • Pointless Season 23*

Apr. 1

  • The Mallorca Files Season 1
  • Father Brown Seasons 1 to 6

Apr. 10

  • Antiques Roadshow Season 39
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Apr. 12

  • Easter From King’s 2020*

Apr. 14

  • Scarborough

Apr. 21

  • Norther Cops Season 1

Apr. 24

  • Waiting for God Seasons 1 to 3

Apr. 28

  • Question Time 2020*
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What are you excited to watch on BritBox in April 2020? Share in the comments below.

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