Where Does Big Brother Canada 8 Rank?

The Big Brother Canada 8 finale aired on Wednesday night. One of the biggest debates every year is about where the season ranks among them all. Here, Tim Gross shares his thoughts on where this unique season ranks.

The season finale of Big Brother Canada 8 aired on Wednesday night. With an end of a new season sparks the traditional debate: where does this season rank among all the others?  So, we will now pit this season against the previous 7 and figure out where this this season fits. 1 will be the best season ever and 8 (last) will be the worst season ever.

Our rankings will be based on two criteria: entertainment value and gameplay. Those two things are the typically the biggest determining factors in how well a season performs. This makes it natural for us to use this as the criteria for ranking this season.

Ranking Big Brother Canada 8

Big Brother Canada 8 comes in a ranking of 8th (last) out of 8 seasons. However, you have to put a huge asterisk next to that because it never finished.

The reason it checks in last is simple: in 4 weeks, you only had ONE person be evicted the entire time. You had two people quit or want to quit (Nico Vera and Carol Rosher) and two people get expelled (Jamar Lee and Kyle Rozendal). As shocking as those events were, there’s not a whole lot of entertainment value there. In fact, with the exception of Kyle’s expulsion, all that did was get the fan base pissed off.

At the same time though, who knows what would have happened if the season had been allowed to continue. That is why there’s an asterisk next to this season’s place in history. I feel like if it had been allowed to continue, the season would’ve picked up enough steam to not finish last. There were signs of life before the season came to a pre-mature end, such as some in the house wanting to blindside Minh-Ly Nguyen Cao and force Carol to self-evict. However, because it did not continue, I have to put Big Brother Canada 8 in last but with an asterisk.

Where does Big Brother Canada 8 rank to you? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!