Love Life is the relationship comedy that you need to immediately check out

Love Life Season 1, Episode 1 - Courtesy of WarnerMedia/JoJo Whilden
Love Life Season 1, Episode 1 - Courtesy of WarnerMedia/JoJo Whilden /

Tune into HBO Max to check out Anna Kendrick in Love Life

There are so many streaming sites right now that it can be hard to keep track of things. HBO Max has just released, meaning the first episodes of Anna Kendrick’s Love Life are now available to stream. If you haven’t given the show a chance yet, now is the time to check it out.

Love Life is a 30-minute comedy focused on Kendrick’s Darby. She’s a woman who has never really found love, although she’s had plenty of crushes. She can be awkward in life, but that’s the beauty of her character. There’s something that everyone will be able to relate to.

While there has been a move into offering flawed characters with the use of alcohol abuse or a dark history, Darby is simply a young Millennial who is unlucky in love, awkward except with her friends, and unsure of where she’s going in life. It helps to keep the series light and entertaining, which is sometimes all we need on TV.

Different types of relationships and heartbreak on Love Life

One of the things the HBO Max series offers is change. Each episode is about a different guy in Darby’s life. And that doesn’t mean she quickly moves from one relationship to another. Some of the episodes cover the course of a year or so. In fact, the second episode is focused on an 11-month period, to be exact.

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We get just a glimpse of the relationships that Darby has had, focusing on the most important parts of the relationship. There’s the smooth transition from meeting, to getting to know each other, and to dating. And in some cases, she already knows the men she ends up dating.

Going into it, we know that Darby isn’t going to remain with these men in her life. They’re not the endgame here, but a story of how different relationships can help someone grow. For example, the third relationship is just a one-night stand; something Darby has never done. She has the opportunity to be the heartbreaker. It’s not that she wants to do this often, but she knows that she can be the one to choose to leave a relationship—and that can be a huge step for some.

The series is funny but also grounded in reality. Within three episodes, we’ve already had a chance to see Darby grow as a person. She thought her relationships would have to define her, but now she’s realizing that they don’t. She’s the one who can be happy as herself, but she needs to figure out who she is.

There isn’t much time to get to know the men she dates. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because it’s about them. However, there’s one guy I get the feeling will come back more than once and may just be endgame.

I’ve already loved seeing Darby grow. I’m looking forward to more episodes of Love Life. The episodes are going to be released weekly with a twist. The first three episodes are available now, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, the next four episodes will be released on June 4 and the final four episodes of the season will drop on June 11.

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What are you watching right now? What do you think of Love Life? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Love Life is streaming on HBO Max.