When does AMC, Cinemark and other movie theaters open again?

Here’s when AMC, Cinemark, and other movie theaters will be opening up again

The summer season just isn’t as fun without movie theaters! But let’s not be so quick to forget about COVID-19. Even though businesses are opening up again, we still have to be cautious. Social distancing regulations are still in place and other rules need to be followed. So when will movie theaters open again?

Business Insider is reporting that movie theaters will open sooner than we think! In fact, we only have a few weeks to go. The source shares that most movie theaters will begin a slow open beginning mid-July.

This means that one of the first movies to debut in theaters will be Christopher Nolan’s Tenentscheduled to premiere July 17. Of course, it could still be pushed back a bit, but that’s what it’s looking like at the moment.

Mulan is another movie that may just make the cut with a premiere date of July 24. One we are looking forward to is Wonder Woman, which premieres Aug. 12. This is going to be one incredible summer when it comes to movies.

There may still be movies that are released via Video On Demand as Trolls: World Tour proved that 70% of movie fans enjoy watching a new movie at home than theaters, according to a report from Variety.

Do you agree? I personally miss the movie theater experience of watching a new movie on the big screen with friends, dark room, popcorn, and drinks! At the same time, it is fun and very convenient to watch movies in the comfort of your own home. My favorite part about it is that you can rewatch the movie as it’s yours for 48 hours.

Which movie this summer are you most excited to see? Will you visit the movie theaters this summer or waiting it out until it’s safer?