Love on the Spectrum: Which couples are still together?

Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum is a refreshing take on dating reality TV, which couples have found love?

Unlike most reality TV out there, Love on the Spectrum on Netflix stands out as refreshing and teachable. For once, no one on the show has ill intentions, is in it to boost their fans on social media or promote themselves.

All of the participants on Love on the Spectrum are there for one reason and one reason alone: to find true love. Haven’t watched it? Move along! Ahead are spoilers about the cast of Love on the Spectrum season 1.

Love on the Spectrum is tugging on our heartstrings and teaching us some valuable lessons. Despite the many other dating reality shows Netflix has released this year  (Love is Blindfor example), Love on the Spectrum stands out like a gem.

Which couples on Love on the Spectrum are still together?

Not all couples on the series found love, but where are they now? Let’s begin with Michael. According to The Cinemaholic, Michael continues to search for his lady queen. Michael is one of our favorite participants in the series as he is charming and truly caring.

You gotta love a guy whose biggest wish is to be a husband. Unfortunately, Michael has yet to find love, but we’re rooting for him!

Next up, there’s Chloe and Lotus, these two found themselves while filming. The same source reports that  Chloe and Lotus did go on a second date and give a relationship a shot,  but it simply did not work out between them.

It’s not all bad news for the people featured on the show, Thomas and Ruth continue to be #couplegoals! Reportedly, they still engaged and have big plans for the future. Another couple that is as happy as ever is Jimmy and Sharnae.

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What did you think about Love on the Spectrum? Would you like to see another season? Is the series what you thought it would be?