The Kissing Booth 2 ending explained: Which college did Elle choose?

KISSING BOOTH 2 (2020) - Credit: Marcos Cruz/Netflix
KISSING BOOTH 2 (2020) - Credit: Marcos Cruz/Netflix /

Everything you need to know about The Kissing Booth 2 ending

While there’s a lot of focus on the choice between guys, Elle didn’t just have that choice on The Kissing Booth 2. She also needed to choose between colleges.

So, which guy and which college did she pick in the end? Could she make up with Lee after he found out about Harvard? Here’s all you need to know about the ending.

Elle’s guy and college debate

The Kissing Booth 2 focused on Elle thinking about college. Her plan has always been to go to Berkeley, which is an excellent college. However, with Noah at Harvard and him asking her to go there, she considered it. She also considered other colleges in Boston.

There’s one problem: cost. Her dad just doesn’t have the money for Harvard, especially when grad school is also on Elle’s mind.

She decides to enter a dance competition for that, which starts of with her and Lee together. When Lee fakes an injury to get himself out of it, Marco joins her. Of course, the two win, so both college options are open to Elle.

Meanwhile, there’s a guy debate.

Elle is interested in Noah. She is hurt to find out that she could be cheating on her, but she’s not thinking of other guys. It’s only when she and Marco start dancing together that the flirtation and chemistry between them begins.

At the dance competition, Elle kisses Marco, which Noah sees. It starts an argument between them, which is how Noah eventually finds out that Elle found Chloe’s earring under Noah’s bed. It’s all innocent, though. Chloe had crashed at Noah’s place without telling him when he was out of town one night.

Marco or Noah?

Elle has to choose between the two guys. She picks Noah after he also wants to be with her.

Meanwhile, Marco is left disappointed. He likes Elle. He’d made a speech about how he wouldn’t let someone go who liked all the same things he did. It looks like he’s not giving up Elle without a fight.

Sure enough, at graduation he comments that Elle is definitely worth it.

Elle and Lee also make up during The Kissing Booth 2—and so do Lee and Rachel after an initial argument about Elle always being around. Elle loves her best friend, but she wants him to be happy and Rachel make him happy. It’s an excellent friendship that they have. Lee finally realizes that maybe plans do change and they can still be friends by Lee going to Berkeley and Elle possibly going to Harvard.

Which college does Elle pick on The Kissing Booth 2?

Finally, it’s all about the colleges. Elle gets acceptance letters from both colleges, but she says she’s been waitlisted on both. It gives her time to think about her options. Which college will she go to?

We don’t get to find out the answer. We need The Kissing Booth 3 for that.

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