We still need answers about those severed feet on Superstore

SUPERSTORE -- "Perfect Store" Episode 614 -- Pictured: (l-r) America Ferrera as Amy, Ben Feldman as Jonah -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)
SUPERSTORE -- "Perfect Store" Episode 614 -- Pictured: (l-r) America Ferrera as Amy, Ben Feldman as Jonah -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC) /

Well, we finally have it. The answer to the mystery of the severed feet on Superstore. But while the series identified the unhinged employee with a deadly fetish in the series finale, we still have so many questions!

The severed feet on Superstore were introduced early on in Season 3. In the aftermath of the tornado that ripped apart Cloud 9, the gang finds a severed foot in the parking lot. At first, it is assumed that the foot is Brett’s, as they can’t find him and assume he is dead. But, despite the title of the episode being “Brett’s Dead”, he’s not. He’s alive and well. And he has both of his feet.

The mystery of the severed feet on Superstore has been solved, but we still have questions.

As the series went on, the foot mystery was sprinkled randomly throughout the episodes. At one point a foot with the number 8 written on it was found, leading to concerns about where the previous seven feet ran off to. The Season 5 Halloween episode marked the occasion by telling us that there was a serial killer on the loose, and that the killer was taking feet as trophies. Yikes.

Then, in the series finale, a literal bag of feet was found in the store. Obviously, the Cloud 9 crew is horrified, but they’ve dealt with loose feet before. So instead of calling the authorities, they try to hide the bag o’ footskies so that the store can potentially remain open. But Marcus (Jon Barinholtz) loses his cool and blows their cover when he spies the contents of the bag.

The internet rounded up a few suspects, identifying random customers, Dina’s arch enemy Colleen, and even sweet Glenn as possibilities. However, Marcus quickly became the primary suspect. If you enthusiastically make boob cheese, it turns out that you’ve set your creep factor on ‘extreme’.

Yet, it wasn’t Marcus, or even the occasionally violent Dina (Lauren Ash) who was toe-tally guilty. It was Elias (Danny Gura). In the final moments of the Superstore finale, we see him gingerly place a final bloody stump on a shelf with an eerie little smile on his face.

Elias is Glenn’s brother-in-law, and while he’s been a fixture at Cloud 9 since the beginning, he has had very few lines in the show. In retrospect, it seems like he was quiet for a reason. He’s hiding so many secrets. We know so little about him. We know that Dina hates him, that he’s scared of Minions, and that he loves Scarlett Johansson. There was also the time when they mentioned that Elias ate Emma’s tooth because he “thought it was a Chicklet”, but in retrospect that seems like a giant red flag, amiright?

Was Elias inspired by the cannibalistic exploits of Kyle the Cloud 9 cloud? Or did he just snap one day while working at his register? Did he ever consider any of our Superstore besties as a victim? Why was he leaving the feet in the store like a whacked-out calling card? Did he want to get caught? Will he ever get caught? Will Dina and Garrett somehow be the ones to catch him in the Superstore spin-off that lives in my head?! SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

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While we may not ever get any idea as to who Elias’s victims were or why or how he did what he did, at least we know that it was him the entire time. Oh, also, ScarJo had better watch her feet. Elias is still on the loose.

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