When is the SEAL Team Season 4 finale on CBS?

CBS has set the finale dates for the TV shows on the network right now. One of those is the SEAL Team Season 4 finale date. When is it going to be?

It’s that time of year when CBS decides on finale dates. Just like with trying to bring all shows back in the fall, CBS is opting for May finale dates. That tells us that the network wants to keep the traditional TV season moving forward.

The SEAL Team Season 4 finale is one of the dates set. The last episode of the season airs on Wednesday, May 19 at the usual time of 9/8c, according to TVLine. It’ll be followed by the SWAT Season 4 finale an hour later.

We don’t get to know what Bravo Team is going to face in the finale. Usually, the end of the season is focused on deployment, but is that going to be the case this time with everything Bravo Team has gone through so far this season?

Is the SEAL Team Season 4 finale the last episode ever?

With talk of the SEAL Team Season 4 finale, you’ll be looking ahead at the future of the show. As with previous seasons, this is a show that’s on the bubble. Despite the excellent writing, it’s just one of those shows that has never gained that much of an appreciation in terms of live viewers—and that’s what counts a lot for CBS.

SEAL Team Season 5 isn’t officially happening right now. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

There are some renewals and cancellations coming through, but we usually hear about SEAL Team around the May Upfronts time. This is likely to be the case this year, and we hope it’s going to be good news!

What do you hope to see before the SEAL Team Season 4 finale? Are you rooting for a fifth season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SEAL Team Season 4 finale airs on Wednesday, May 19 at 9/8c on CBS. Catch up with the season on Paramount+.