How is SEAL Team still on the bubble after that devastating episode?

SEAL Team remains on the bubble, at risk of not getting a third season. How is that even possible after that heartbreaking but important episode?

SEAL Team delivered one of its most heartbreaking but important episodes yet. Season 2, Episode 19 showed us the trouble of members of the Armed Forces when they leave while showing us the passion and dedication of soldiers when they’re still service. It was a stark look at the realities of a broken system and somehow this show remains on the bubble.

That’s right! There’s a risk that there will be no third season for SEAL Team and if that happens, it’s a travesty. This is the best military drama on TV right now. It doesn’t just tell us a tale of a few guys who are serving and the missions they get out up. It gives us the realities of war and trying to separate war from home.

Episode 19, titled “Medicate and Isolate,” showed us a number of important stories. The most important out of all was that of Brett, a vet who is suffering from major mental health problems. This is more than PTSD (oh, and drop the “D” because “Post-Traumatic Stress is not a disorder”). It’s clear that he’s suffering from some sort of brain injury. Yet, because of events that didn’t happen while he was serving, he couldn’t get the right treatment to help.

It’s a case of treating the symptoms and not the problem, something that in the long term would probably cost more than just treating the actual problem. Yet, while this happened, we got to see Bravo Team head out in the middle of a battleground to retrieve a fallen comrade.

The fallen comrade was nobody we saw but that wasn’t the point of the mission. The episode showed us how the military will do everything it can for its current serving soldiers (and those who have been killed in battle) but not do everything they can for those who have sustained life-changing injuries during their time serving once they leave.

During that, we got to see Clay’s recovery. The military is willing to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on his recovery to make sure he can join Bravo Team again. Because he’s still serving, they’ll do what it takes. The minute he leaves, he won’t be given all that on a plate. He’ll have to fight just for appointments at the VA!

But SEAL Team is on the bubble!

This isn’t the first time SEAL Team has delivered these real storylines, the ones that make you sit up and listen! We’ve seen Jason and his children struggle with the loss of Alanna, teammates deal with the loss of a fallen friend, and of losing your faith because of actions during war.

With all these real, heartbreaking, important storylines, you would think that everyone would tune in for this series. How is it possible that it’s at the risk of being canceled?

There are a few reasons for this. One of those is that it was never marketed as the type of show it’s become. For many, this was just another military drama. And we have so many of them! The initial promos never showed us why and how this would be different.

And in all fairness to the initial trailers, it looked like SEAL Team would be a standard military drama for the first couple of episodes. It took time to get into the meaty storylines and the touches on the reality of serving members of the Armed Forces.

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Since those initial episodes, it’s become so much more. Yet, people have tuned out before the writers have had a chance to get that far.

Plus, the time change didn’t help. Spending a full season and then half of Season 2 in the 9 p.m. timeslot, fans got used to it being a staple of their Wednesday nights. Suddenly, it was moved to 10 p.m. and mostly because of scripted programming. Not everyone can or wants to watch a show in the 10 p.m.-11 p.m. timeslot.

I would love to see SEAL Team get a third season. It’s the best military drama on TV right now and one of the best shows in general. I refuse to miss a week – recording everything else just so I can watch Bravo Team in action live. There aren’t many shows I can say that for. It will be a travesty if this show is canceled.

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Why do you think SEAL Team is on the bubble? What have you thought about the storylines this season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

This week’s episode did deal with difficult and triggering subjects. If you, a family member or a friend are in need of assistance, please contact: Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255