Sasnak City’s Gina Phipps-Hubbell discusses The Last Kingdom convention

The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix
The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix /

Ever wanted to meet the actors from The Last Kingdom? There’s a chance to meet some of them in August 2021, and here are the details.

Gina Phipps-Hubbell is a fan first. When she started Sasnak City, it was for an Outlander convention. “Sasnak” is a great play on “Sassenach” joined with “Kansas” spelled backward. Yes, the conventions are in Kansas City, Missouri.

After three highly successful and fun Outlander conventions, it’s time to branch out. In August 2021, fans of The Last Kingdom get a chance to meet some of the actors. This is an unofficial convention held at the World War I Memorial, but it is one of the best conventions you’ll ever attend.

Gina Phipps-Hubbell talked about Sasnak City Presents The Kingdom, including covering the ticket prices. Yes, you will get sticker shock and Gina gets that! However, there are tickets for all budgets and preferences. If you want to go all in, you’re looking at a little more than $3,000. However, there are weekend passes for a few hundred dollars and you can add specific autographs and photo ops in with that.

The best thing is that you are guaranteed a seat, and you get a specific seat throughout the weekend. Oh, and they’re comfy seats! None of those hard chairs that you’re used to at the likes of NYCC and SDCC! The top-tier tickets get the seats closest to the stage, but there really is no bad seat, and I say that from someone who experienced one panel from the very back.

For those who like videos, here’s the full 33-minute video interview, with the important points below it.

Who to expect at The Last Kingdom convention

Getting a seat is great to know, but who is turning up? The official Sasnak City website has the guests confirmed so far, but initially, the event was announced without any cast members. It was a risk for anyone buying tickets for that, but people did.

“It really humbles me to know that people love the event so much and they have that kind of faith…it blows my mind.”

Since then, cast members have been confirmed, and not just small-bit parts from the show. Fans of Finan, Brida, Cnut, and Aelswith will all get a chance to meet the actors who play those characters. There is one big one (although sadly not Alexander Dreymon yet!), and it’s all about King Alfred.

“The shocker was David Dawson. I think it was so shocking that people don’t believe it, and he’s not on social media to verify it.”

Yes, it was hard to believe it at first, but it’s a testament to the support Sasnak City has from the agents of these actors.

It turns out the cast is just as excited about Dawson coming to the event, “Apparently, he doesn’t do these. He’s only done official conventions.” That may change after this event, especially when it comes to another The Last Kingdom convention held by Sasnak City.

It’s worth noting that the actors can drop out due to scheduling conflicts if they have a role in another TV show or movie. Now and then that can happen, but Gina will always have a backup or two. Her first-ever convention saw Richard Rankin, Sophie Skelton, and John Bell need to pull out due to production.

“I went from six cast members to three and then to eight…I try to stick to six cast members but usually one will pull out and I’ll get two in their place.”

Holding herself accountable

You may have heard of some things that happened at the third Outlander convention in Kansas City. There were things that happened that shouldn’t have. Most conventions would brush it off or just hideaway, but not Gina.

“I take 100% responsibility,” she shared. This is a woman who holds herself accountable. She is also someone who learns from her mistakes to make sure those things don’t happen again.

“It really hits you hard, and I took it very hard because I want my convention to be an experience that people want to come back to.”

The good news is there are plenty of people who do want to come back to it. The Last Kingdom‘s top-tier tickets sold out without even a cast member announced. Don’t worry if that’s the tier you want. There is a waitlist that you can sign up to, and you can always get a cheaper ticket for now and Gina can help you resell it if you end up with a top-tier ticket after being on the waitlist.

It’s one of the great things about the tickets. While there are no refunds, the event is popular enough to have a waitlist so you don’t end up out of pocket if you need to cancel your plans.

What to expect at The Last Kingdom convention

If you are on the fence, it’s definitely worth joining The Sasnak Society on Facebook. This is the place that attendees hang out and get to know each other, and they can all tell you about what it’s like at one of the Sasnak City conventions.

Don’t feel like you have to get the top tier ticket and break the bank. Opt for one of the smaller-priced tickets to get the initial experience and then save up for the top tier next time…there will be a next time!

While this is the first The Last Kingdom convention by Gina, she has experience in running these things, and her Outlander conventions are a hit. The format is going to be much the same with panels, autographs, photo ops, meet and greets, etc.

You can check out the official website for the full rundown of the event. Separate tickets for things like the photo ops, autographs, etc. won’t go on sale until closer to the summer, but you can get your event tickets now.

One of the best things, though, is meeting other fans. When I attended, it was completely on my own and I was made to feel welcome by those who had been there before. There’s no better feeling than to be surrounded by welcoming people there for the same show.

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Sasnak City Presents The Kingdom takes place between Aug. 26 and 29, 2021.