Now streaming: The Last Kingdom Season 4 is now on Netflix

The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix
The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix /

Are you ready for the next leg in Uhtred of Bebbenburg’s story? You better be because it’s here! The Last Kingdom Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

There is some excellent news, Arselings. The Last Kingdom Season 4 is now available to stream on Netflix. You get the chance to live the next stage of Uhtred of Bebbenburg’s life.

If this season is anything like previous seasons, we’re getting two books in one. We’re onto Books 7 and 8 of the story (and there are 13 in total when the last book is released in October). Does that mean Uhtred will finally get his birthright back?

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That’s been his journey from the very beginning. All he’s wanted his to help Ragnar revenge their father and to get his ancestral home in Northumbria back. Well, he got the revenge back in Season 2, but he’s still struggling to get north! The trailer hints that he’ll get there but it’s too late. Is that Bebbenburg destroyed?

Meanwhile, Wessex is living life under a new ruler. King Edward has assumed control. Uhtred swore an oath until Edward was crowned, which seems to take place in the promo. Now it’s time for Edward to bring about a united England. He’s going to need his sister on his side, who remains Lady of Mercia. The question is whether she wants the same thing. If she does, will she want it in the way Edward does?

Of course, there are likely still threats from the Danes. Heston and Cnut managed to escape battle at the end of The Last Kingdom Season 3. That means they’re still around for Season 4, and we know they’ll want revenge.

Check out the promo for The Last Kingdom Season 4, Arselings!

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The Last Kingdom Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix in full.