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It’s the final countdown for This Is Us season 5. Only three episodes remain. How will the show tie up loose ends before entering what could be the sixth and final season?

This season provided many new twists and developments for the Pearson family. Kevin is engaged to Madison and the new parent of twins Nick and Frannie. Kate adopted a baby girl named Hailey. Randall did not add any children to his family, but he learned about his birth mother, Laurel.

This season also provided a backstory for Uncle Nicky. When he was a teenager, Nicky had a job, a girlfriend, and a chance to escape life in Pittsburgh. However, Nicky elected to stay home to take care of his mother, who constantly battled his abusive father, instead of moving out west with his girlfriend, Sally.

In the last episode, Kevin and Randall finally had their long-awaited talk about race and how it affected their childhood. After a heated conversation, the duo finally had a breakthrough when Kevin genuinely apologized and accepted responsibility for his inconsiderate treatment of Randall.

Details from This Is Us Season 5, Episode 14

After reading the synopsis, this week’s episode will probably revolve around the Big Three. Beth will continue to further her career as a dance teacher. Toby’s father, played by Dan Lauria, returns to visit Toby and Kate. Plus, Kevin will run into someone from his past that will throw him for a loop. Could he be his first love, Sophie?

Below is the promo and synopsis for This Is Us season 5, episode 14.

Beth navigates her career path. Kate and Toby face unexpected issues. A run-in with someone from his past gives Kevin pause.

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Date: May 11, 2021
Time: 9:00 PM ET
Episodes: Season 5, Episode 14, “The Music and the Mirror”
Network: NBC
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