Bering Sea Gold exclusive clip: Kris Kelly goes through money-wasting equipment

Bering Sea Gold Season 10 -- Courtesy of Discovery
Bering Sea Gold Season 10 -- Courtesy of Discovery /

In every line of work, people will spend money on items that are a waste of time. Kris Kelly goes through the biggest wastes on Bering Sea Gold.

If there’s only one person we watch Bering Sea Gold for, it’s Kris Kelley. He’s down-to-earth and fully entertaining. And he’s not going to disappoint in the all-new episode tonight.

It doesn’t matter what job a person does, there are going to be ideas that end up being not so great. Sometimes, those ideas are left in the boardroom never to see the light of day. Then there are those that sound like amazing ideas and have money thrown at them.

Sure, some of those ideas make people more money. Then there are those terrible ideas that are an enormous waste. Kelly takes us through some of those ideas below:

Money-wasting equipment on Bering Sea Gold

Kelly brings his sarcastic personality in the clip. If you loved his talk on the difference between summer and winter mining, you’re going to want to watch this latest clip over and over again. It gets funnier every time.

The best is his discussion about a fence…in case the idea is stolen. Why else would you have a fence up?

However, he does admit that one piece of equipment isn’t all that bad. Not if it’s made right. The problem is the piece of equipment he’s looking at isn’t made right, so he knows that it doesn’t do as well. Equipment is supposed to make life easier!

This is just one clip as Kelly takes us through mining equipment. What else is he going to take us through during the all-new episode of Bering Sea Gold?

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