Manifest may be uncanceled by NBC with help from Netflix

Is Manifest canceled or renewed? Who knows anymore? It looks like there’s a chance at saving the time-traveling, supernatural drama after all.

Getting the news that Manifest was canceled was frustrating to say the least. Right in the middle of a six-season story, we were left with far too many questions. And it wasn’t like the series was performing all that badly in the live ratings for NBC. Yet, the network opted to cancel it.

This was just days after the first two seasons hit Netflix. So, it looked like the plan was for Netflix to save the show. And then Netflix passed on it.

For a while, it looked like hope was lost for Manifest Season 4. There were still talks of a movie to wrap up the story, but it looked like the series as we knew it was done.

That is until now. TVLine gives us new hope with the latest news that NBC may uncancel the series after all, and Netflix may help.

Will Manifest be uncanceled?

NBC and Warner Bros. TV have reentered talks to save the series. Netflix is also joining the talks, with the streamer and the Peacock network discussing some sort of hybrid saving of the series.

It could work like many TV shows around the world, like Riverdale and Black Lightning, where the shows are classed as Netflix Originals internationally but air on broadcast in the United States. It could also work similarly to Good Girls (which has been sadly canceled after four seasons), which had an international Netflix deal but also went to Netflix about nine months after its run on NBC.

Saving the show makes sense. It performed exceptionally well on Netflix when it went there. And it’s not like it was a poor performer on NBC. And Law & Order: For the Defense is no longer going forward so NBC has a space in the schedule after all.

Is there hope? We think so!

Manifest Seasons 1 and 2 are currently on Netflix.