FBOY Island season 2: Is the reality series getting a second season on HBO Max?

Nakia, Sarah, and CJ from FBOY Island on HBO Max, image credit HBO Max
Nakia, Sarah, and CJ from FBOY Island on HBO Max, image credit HBO Max /

FBOY Island season 1 on HBO Max has concluded with a not-so-shocking finale. Is FBOY Island season 2 happening? When does it premiere? Are the couples still together today? Here’s everything we know.

Spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on FBOY Island. Watch all 10 episodes streaming on HBO Max before reading ahead. 

The highly anticipated moment has arrived! In the end, CJ picked Nice Guy Jarred. The two split the $100k and decided to grow their relationship. Nakia and the guy she picked, OG Jared, did the same.

Sarah, however, ignored all the red flags and picked fboy Garrett, who decided to take the full $100k and break up with Sarah. Garrett won the money fair and square, but production decided not to give Garrett anything and the money went to a charity of Sarah’s choice. Lame!

If the reality series is renewed for a second season, will the rules change? How will it work? Will they make up the rules as they go or as it is convenient?

We’re not sure! In the meantime, let’s focus on a reunion and second season. Is either happening?

FBOY Island season 2 release date

UPDATE Aug. 18, 2021: FBOY Island has officially been renewed for a second season, we’ll be sure to keep you posted with any updates!

While HBO Max has yet to confirm anything, due to the popularity of the first season, we believe it’s only a matter of time before a second season is announced.

In fact, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter show creator Elan Gale said this about a second season:

"“…we’re not going to do anything until we can be 100 percent sure that we can do it safely, no matter what. It’s just not worth it. But for the future of the show, what I’d like to see is the show evolve to over the next couple of years — because in my mind, this is, oh, nothing big, maybe just 20 or 30 more years (laughs).”"

If this is the case, we can expect to see it premiere around the same time next year, so June or August 2022. There’s typically a year between seasons for most shows, but reality shows can go either way — take a shorter amount of time or longer. However, that if the pandemic doesn’t ruin plans.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Are the FBOY couples from season 1 still together?

It’s too early to say! Production may want CJ, Nakia, and the men to not spoil anything until more people watch the show. After all, the final episodes did only premiere today. We’ll come back to update this section once we know more.

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