Best foreign horror movies to watch for Halloween 2021

Parasite movie: Ki-jung Kim So-dam Park and Ki-woo Park Woo-sik Choi in Parasite. Photo via
Parasite movie: Ki-jung Kim So-dam Park and Ki-woo Park Woo-sik Choi in Parasite. Photo via /
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Best Japanese horror movies

Japan has brought some outstanding horror movies. You’ll likely find a lot of the movies have been adapted by Hollywood. And you know they’re never as good.

In other cases, the movies have become inspiration for books and U.S. movies. Again, they’ve never quite hit the mark that the foreign horror movies have.

Here are the best Japanese horror movies you need to get with a brief description of them.


You already know it. The movie has been adapted for U.S. audiences. If you haven’t watched the original yet, though, Halloween 2021 is the time to do it.

The movie focuses on people who watch a tape and they have seven days until they die. There’s one person who refuses to die, and she decides to hunt down the story behind the tape. Where has this curse come from?

The Grudge

Again, you’ve already seen the U.S. adaptations. And there have been a few. Now it’s time to watch the original.

The movie follows a family that moves into a home where the previous owners died. The souls of some of the former owners are trapped due to the nature of their deaths. Anyone who enters the house will end up meeting death at the hands of the trapped souls.

Sadako vs. Kayako

Who is stronger between the ghosts from Ring and The Grudge? That’s what Sadako vs. Kayako lets you see.

Natsumi watches Sadako’s cursed tape. To save herself, she pits Sadako against Kayako, a malevolent spirit in a haunted house. Can they kill each other and end their curses?

Corpse Party

this movie is based on a horror video game of the same name, and it’s all set in a haunted school. There’s mystery, blood, ghosts, and a lot more.

The high school students are performing the “Sachiko Ever After” charm so they can remain friends forever. However, they end up in a haunted elementary school filled with resentful spirits and a psychopathic ghost of a little girl. Will they stay friends forever when they’re fighting for their lives?

Battle Royale

This movie is going to leave you fearing for humanity. It focuses on a time where unemployment is high and the population is struggling in Japan. To deal with it, one class every year is picked to head to an island. They have to fight against each other and only one can survive.

It’s a terrifying thought when you consider it. Think of it as the original Hunger Games, and you’ll be left wondering whether anyone can actually make it off the island alive or they’re all doomed to die.