Chucky season 1 episode 1 recap: Who is Chucky’s first victim in the TV series?

CHUCKY -- "Death by Misadventure" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Zackary Arthur as Jake Wheeler, Chucky -- (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/SYFY)
CHUCKY -- "Death by Misadventure" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Zackary Arthur as Jake Wheeler, Chucky -- (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/SYFY) /

Our favorite possessed doll is back in the Syfy/USA series, Chucky! What happens in season 1 episode 1? Who is the first victim in the series? Let’s recap!

What did you think of the dark-comedy slasher, Chucky? If you missed the series premiere, you can still catch up, you’re only one episode behind! Watch it on Syfy or the USA Network.

Please note there are spoilers ahead if you missed season 1 episode 1. Watch the episode first before reading on. 

What happens in Chucky season 1 episode 1?

The series kicks off with a number of mysterious deaths announced on the radio. Through the POV of who we can only assume is Chucky, we see a young woman brushing her hair. She feels someone behind her, turns around, and gasps. The scene cuts and audiences are transported to present day.

Jake (Zackary Arthur) is walking home with his new doll after spotting it at a yard sale. As he walks home, Jake listens to The Mystery Podcast by Decon Evans (Björgvin Arnarson), his best friend (and secret crush). Devon is chatting about the high crime rates in the city and how there hasn’t been violence like it since Charles Lee Ray, a notorious serial killer.

Audiences are aware that the serial killer’s spirit is the one inside the doll, but Jake isn’t aware of this just yet. He wants to use Chucky’s head to finish his doll sculpture. He’s an artist, something his dad, Lucas, isn’t a fan of. We quickly learn that Lucas isn’t a fan of his son at all. In fact, Lucas is in denial about his son being gay, refusing to accept Jake.

After a family dinner with Jake’s uncle Logan Wheeler (Devon Sawa), his aunt Bree Wheeler (Lexa Doig), and cousin Junior (Teo Briones), his dad is even less happy with Jake. The Wheeler’s are rich and successful, which makes Lucas feel even more embarrassed about his son.

Once the family leaves, Lucas destroys the doll sculpture Jake had been working so hard on. The song “How Villains Are Made” by Madalen Duke plays, which is both fitting and very telling to what’s to come. We now understand even more how much anger Jake carries inside.

Side note: The Chucky premiere has an amazing soundtrack!

Jake learns the truth about Chucky

Chucky is the only doll Lucas doesn’t destroy, and after learning its value, Jake decides to take it to school with him to keep it safe and sell it after. Jake takes Chucky to school, so Chucky gets a front-row seat at the bullying Jake goes through daily, specifically from Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind), the daughter of Hackensack’s mayor, Michelle Cross.

Jake gets a call from an interested buyer on eBay about the doll and asks Jake if anything weird has happened since he got the doll. The caller warns Jake about Chucky, telling Jake to check the batteries. Sure enough, there are no batteries on the doll. This makes Jake curious and he investigates online. He discovers that Charles Lee Ray’s spirit supposedly possess the doll. Jake tries getting rid of it, but, you know how it goes.

Chucky is back the next day at the school’s talent show ready to entertain. This is when we finally see some of the humor the Child’s Play movies are known for. At the talent show, Chucky does all the talking, making it look like it’s Jake controlling him. The audience buys it and laughs as Chucky makes jokes about Lexy’s search history on her phone and pokes fun at others.

Who does Chucky kill in episode 1?

Jake comes home to a very angry (and drunk) Lucas, who asks Jake if he’s happy about his school suspension, asking Jake why he’s so weird. Jake tells his dad that he knows what his dad is actually ashamed of is that he’s gay. Lucas hits Jake and sends him to his room, but keeps the possessed doll there.

Chucky escapes and goes to the basement to shut off the power. When Lucas goes to investigate, he finds open electric cords and Chucky there. Chucky spits out alcohol from his mouth, electrocuting Lucas. With his dad dead, Jake goes to live with his uncle, Logan. Chucky tags along, and we know we’re in for more deaths as Chucky asks about Lexy. We have to agree with Chucky here, Lexy needs to go. She is the biggest bully.

The final scenes take us back to the first minutes of the episode. We learn that the one starring at the woman brushing her hair is Charles Lee Ray as a kid. Looks like the series will also feature Ray’s story as a kid. We can’t wait to know more!

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Chucky drops new episodes every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy and the USA Network. Where will you be watching? What did you think about the season 1 premiere?