What caused Nic’s car crash on The Resident?

Conrad spent an episode trying to figure out what caused Nic’s single-car crash on The Resident Season 5, Episode 4. What answer did he get?

The Resident killed off Nic in a heartbreaking episode during Episode 3. When she was helicoptered in, we found out she was the only person involved, there was no inclement weather, and she wasn’t drunk. What could cause her to crash her car?

Conrad needed to get to the bottom of it. He had to figure out what was going on. What could cause Nic to crash her own car? Did she fall asleep at the wheel? Did she suffer a medical emergency in the car?

Part of him needed to know for closure. Another part of him needed to know for Gigi’s sake. After all, if it was something hereditary, he needed to be prepared.

Conrad got his answers about Nic’s crash on The Resident Season 5, Episode 4

Conrad ran through everything medical he could think of. Billie helped, mentioning that Nic would faint before big tests. She talked to Kyle since he wasn’t talking to Conrad, and it turned out that Nic’s mom also had fainting spells. It was always when hot and when both women were dehydrated.

Wondering if it could be a genetic disorder, Conrad took Gigi to the hospital to run a genome test. That came back negative, making Conrad go back to the drawing board. He was at a loss, though.


So, Conrad decided to head out to the crash site. That’s when he got answers, and we found out Nic’s crash was because Nic was being Nic.

Conrad saw a baby deer at the side of the road. That deer headed into the woods, and Conrad figured it out. Nic had swerved to avoid the deer and she accidentally crashed the car in the process. It’s bittersweet to know she died to save a life. You just can’t help but cry for Conrad but feel warm that Nic made sure she let that baby deer survive. And there’s just no way that Conrad can be angry at Nic being herself.

What did you think of Conrad’s process throughout The Resident? Did you guess that it was the deer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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