Halloween Kills movie review: A crowd pleaser filled with nostalgia

Halloween Kills from Universal Pictures, courtesy Universal Pictures
Halloween Kills from Universal Pictures, courtesy Universal Pictures /

I couldn’t find a better way to spend my Tuesday night in October than seeing the latest installment of the Halloween franchise, Halloween Kills.

I was really excited to see what the trio of Scott Teems, Danny McBride, and David Gordon Green had in store for us after they revitalized the Halloween franchise in 2018. The return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in this ruthless manner to bring down Michael Myers once and for all was fantastic.

The movie picks up right where we left off from the last one, a burning house with Myers inside and the Strode family thinking they finally put an end to the monster that has haunted this family for 40 years. We quickly realize this isn’t the case as we see Myers wreak havoc as we’ve never seen before.

One of the more unique things they did with Myers killing in this movie was it never seemed like he killed the same person twice. He always had something different up his sleeve and it made each one feel more important. One, in particular, is hands down one of my favorite kills in any horror movie ever. It includes a gun and a car; when you watch the film, you’ll be like, “yep, that’s what he was talking about!”

Halloween Kills is filled with nostalgia and over-the-top kills

I loved the film’s nostalgia throughout the flashbacks, the introduction of old characters into the new world, and how they incorporated Donald Pleasence as Loomis was super cool.

However, the story just felt lackluster. I will admit the movie is 100% going to be a crowd-pleaser with the over-the-top kills, typical Michael Myers being a badass, but when it comes down to the die-hard fans, they might be slightly let down by the film.

I understood the story they were trying to tell in Myers is causing mass chaos and everyone possibly turning on one another. Still, they really failed to connect the dots ultimately.

Overall, while I had my issues with the film, it is still a solid setup for this trilogy that I now can’t wait to see the third installment.

Halloween Kills comes out in theaters and streaming on Peacock on Friday, October 15, 2021. 

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