Insecure season 5 premiere recap: Are Issa and Molly friends again?

Insecure on HBO, photo courtesy HBO
Insecure on HBO, photo courtesy HBO /

Throughout the entirety of the HBO series Insecure, Issa Dee and Molly Carter’s friendship was something that always remained strong through it all, however, during Insecure season 4, we see that this friendship was aggressively tested and resulted in the two deciding to go their separate ways in life.

This breaking up of these two longtime friends certainly came as a shock to fans of the show because no matter what was thrown at them, Issa and Molly would always find a way to overcome any and every tribulation.

Can they do the same once more, or has Insecure season 5 episode 1 given us a sneak peek into what their lives will look like when they’re not friends with one another? We explain everything down below.

Warning: This article contains spoilers pertaining to Insecure season 5!

Are Issa and Molly friends again?

Fans can take a sigh of relief because, though the majority of the first episode had us thinking otherwise, it looks like Issa and Molly’s friendship isn’t going anywhere that easily.

Insecure season 5 opened up with Issa, Molly, and their three friends, Kelli, Tiffany, and Derek, attending a Stanford University alumni celebration. Here, these characters all take a trip down memory lane and fondly remember various things about their college life including their first rap group. This nostalgia played a factor in nudging both Issa and Molly towards one another but was not yet enough for them to have a real conversation with one another especially about what contributed to their fallout.

Shortly after rekindling with fellow alumni, Issa spoke at a panel for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, she didn’t do too well at this event and was more than willing to let off some steam with just herself and Molly. But, despite making this huge stride and finally getting Issa by herself, Molly fell back in the habit of only speaking about her relationship woes rather than being there for her longtime friend who was currently extremely disappointed in herself.

Thankfully, Molly managed to recover and was able to ask Issa if their relationship was going to withstand its current troubles. Though Issa did not reply directly to this question, it seemed like the answer to this question wasn’t a “no”.

Next, the two accompany their fellow alumni to a party, however, while parked to pick up some beverages, Issa and Molly were robbed by one of their former rap group members; a situation that, while scary, turned out to be the perfect thing to break the tension between Issa and Molly.

Towards the end of the trip, they shared heartfelt sentiments about one another including their desire to move forward. And so, that is what they decided to do.

We’ll have to tune in to the remaining episodes of Insecure season 5 to know just how they plan to move forward, but as it stands right now, their friendship is on a good path.

New episodes of Insecure season 5 release every Sunday at 10:00 p.m. EST only on HBO Max.

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