101 TV shows everyone should watch (at least once) in their lives

Game of Thrones. Image Courtesy HBO
Game of Thrones. Image Courtesy HBO /
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American Horror Story
AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT — Pictured: Sarah Paulson as Ally Mayfair-Richards. CR: Frank Ockenfels/FX /

Is American Horror Story worth watching?

In this twisty horror-anthology series, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk push the envelope as they blend the art of suspense with some of the most horrendous characters and scenes to ever grace our screens. Under the anthology format, each season brings about a new crop of broken and flawed characters from a different time period and set in its own unique location ranging from an asylum and freak show to a coven and hellacious hotel.

American Horror Story is not for the faint of heart, though, and we can’t promise that you’ll ever be able to unsee the horrendous events that occur every season.

Is Family Matters worth watching?

There are few series that manages to create a character so memorable that they become one of the greatest staples in pop culture, but that is precisely what Family Matters did when they unleashed the comical force known as Steve Urkel upon the world!

While Urkel and his crazy antics helped to forever solidify the show’s place in pop culture, at the heart of the series is a timeless story about a middle-class family who you’ll quickly fall in love with and who make it so easy to see why Urkel wanted to be part of their family unit.

Is black-ish worth watching?

Many series have attempted to tackle race issues through comedy, but few succeed – black-ish is one of those rare few. The series beautifully tackles various race issues through the Johnson family’s desire to create a sense of ethnicity in their family to honor their roots in their classy predominately white neighborhood.

Is NCIS worth watching?

What started as an underrated procedural quickly blossomed into one of the most beloved and iconic franchises in the CBS canon – and to think that the series almost didn’t make it to season 3!

While the core team of agents has seen its share of shakeups over the years, never once has the series missed a beat as the writers effortlessly eased in new characters for fans to fall in love with for their own unique and special reasons. While the series has spawned two successful spinoffs over the years, nothing compares to the original which will quickly pull you in thanks to its blend of hard-hitting cases, humor and banter among the NCIS team!

Is Fargo worth watching?

Do you like the Coen Brothers? Watch Fargo.

Creator Noah Hawley nails the feel of the original 1996 film while expertly riffing on the entire Coen canon. The chapters of the series are framed as true crime stories, developing complex and unpredictable characters in the oddest of places. Fargo is a modern-day thriller, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as they wait for the definitive – and frequently mind-bending – conclusion of each chapter.

Written by Erin Qualey