101 TV shows everyone should watch (at least once) in their lives

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Television Shows to Watch Before You Die
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Is Parks & Recreation worth watching?

Premiering in 2009, Parks and Recreation did something no show before it had done. It made government fun and brought new life to the mockumentary-style TV show. With a talented cast including the likes of Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, and Nick Offerman, gave us a group of lovable misfits and fully developed characters.

Even with the addition of new characters, Parks and Rec never lost their element of fun. Until the end, the show improved upon itself. It’s a must-watch for anyone who loves strong female characters, poking fun at the government or a strong storyline with a great payoff at the end.

-Written by Rebecca Mills

Is Scandal worth watching?

What happens when the team behind Grey’s Anatomy decides to enter the world of politics? You get a thrilling political drama complete with a new crop of incredible characters to love, hate to love and straight-up loathe!

Led by the incredible Kerry Washington, Scandal is a series that will pull you in within the first five minutes of the pilot and once Olivia Pope has you in sight there’s no way you’ll be able to turn away – except for maybe when the writers attempt to cover up a growing baby bump with an array of awkward camera angles, oversized bags and plenty of large lampshades.

Is Lost worth watching?

As soon as Charlie asked, “Guys, where are we?” at the end of the pilot, we were all along for the ride. When it debuted in 2004, Lost separated itself from the rest of the pack almost instantly. It had movie-quality production and a budget to match. Instead of all the other series on TV at the time, it prided itself on being one continuous story. Due to its groundbreaking format, the show depended on fans to watch every single episode to follow the labyrinthine mysteries of the island and its inhabitants, making the series a giant financial risk for the network. But it paid off.

People became addicted to the series and record numbers of viewers faithfully tuned in to the twisty drama every week. Thanks to the increasing availability of digital media at the time, it became easier to catch up and binge on back episodes of the show, making Lost basically the grandfather of original binge-worthy shows. Come for the smoke monster, stay for the time-traveling season where everything really starts to spin.

Written by Erin Qualey

Is Fraiser worth watching?

The Cheers spin-off features Kelsey Grammar as psychiatrist Frasier Crane. He lived in Seattle with his father Martin, a retired police officer, with his brother Niles. He and Niles live an upper-class life while their father is much more used to the middle-class, blue-collar lifestyle.

The show followed Frasier’s disaster of a love life. Someone who should have had all the answers considering his line of work, couldn’t figure much out. Grammar won the Emmy for Best Actor in a comedy four times for Frasier.

Written by FanSided Staff 

Is The West Wing worth watching?

There’s a reason that The West Wing remains Aaron Sorkin’s best-known work. It’s because this is a series that didn’t just shatter television, but it challenged everything that audiences knew and expected about our government.

The West Wing made us believe in the system again while showcasing incredible performers doing remarkable things on a weekly basis. It was smart, challenging, emotional, and funny usually all in the same episode. Though it was never the same once Sorkin and collaborator Tommy Schlamme left the series, The West Wing stands as a true classic. How much do we need a show like it today?

Written by FanSided Staff