Friends beats The Office, Game of Thrones and more as the best show ever in new poll

1998 Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, and Courteney Cox in Year 4 of Friends
1998 Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, and Courteney Cox in Year 4 of Friends /

In the new golden age of television, there’s seemingly endless amount of content we can watch. Whether you’re in the mood for a comedy or drama, we now have multiple streaming services at our fingertips and it’s easy to get lost browsing for hours. And even when it comes to the all-time greats, there are so many now-iconic TV shows that everyone should watch at least once.

Of course, the beloved sitcom Friends is on that list. Though it might not have the critical acclaim as series such as The Sopranos or Breaking Bad, the NBC comedy has had a huge impact on pop culture, still breaking records in 2021 with their latest special, Friends: The Reunion. But even with the huge fanbase Friends has, you might still be surprised to learn that Americans just voted the show as the best of all time.

According to New York Daily News, YouTube TV and OnePoll recently surveyed 2,000 American adults to find out what show is the very best out of 35 options. Friends ended up coming out victorious, with 43% of participants voting for the Central Perk gang. Close after Friends was fellow sitcom Seinfeld, with 40%.

The two guilty pleasure sitcoms beat out major players such as Game of Thrones (37%), The Wire (28%), Twin Peaks (27%) and The Sopranos (26%). Friends and Seinfeld even succeeded over The Office (36%), which is also widely regarded as one of the best comedies ever.

Check out the top 20 shows from the poll, courtesy of NY Daily News:

  1. Friends: 43%
  2. Seinfeld: 40%
  3. Game of Thrones: 37%
  4. Three’s Company: 36%
  5. Frasier: 36%
  6. The Office: 36%
  7. MASH: 35%
  8. Battlestar Galactica: 30%
  9. The Simpsons: 29%
  10. The Wire: 28%
  11. Twin Peaks: 27%
  12. Family Guy: 27%
  13. The Sopranos: 26%
  14. Sex and the City: 24%
  15. American Dad: 23%
  16. Law and Order: 23%
  17. Grey’s Anatomy: 23%
  18. Bob’s Burgers: 23%
  19. Community: 21%
  20. Big Brother: 21%

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All 10 seasons of Friends are now streaming on HBO Max.