Black Files Declassified Season 2 premiere date confirmed

Black Files Declassified -- Courtesy of Science Channel
Black Files Declassified -- Courtesy of Science Channel /

Are you ready to delve into more of the government black files? Former CIA operative Mike Baker is ready to take us into another round of files in Black Files Declassified Season 2.

We don’t always get to see where tax money goes. The government spreads out the money across different branches, and that includes the clandestine programs around the world. These programs are part of the “black budget,” with each operation known as a Black File.

It’s time to uncover some of the classified government programs. It’s time to uncover the mysteries. What do they reveal about the world we’re actually living in?

Former CIA operative, Mike Baker, follows the money into the secrets. He’s already done it for one season, and now he’s back to pull back the curtain on more in Black Files Declassified Season 2.

Black Files Declassified Season 2 premiere date

Science Channel has set the premiere date. Get Wednesday, March 9 in your diary. New episodes will air at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Science Channel, and those episodes will also be available on discovery+.

The programs often reveal things that seem more like science fiction than reality. There are investigations into the paranormal, and that’s something Mike will explore in the new season. We’ll look into werewolves, ghosts, and even cattle mutilations. Look out for the Winchesters or the Men of LettersSupernatural fans.

Why is the government looking into supernatural events? What does this mean for the world around us?

Then there’s one of America’s best-kept secrets. Ever wondered which emergency powers the PResident does hold in extreme events? That’s something Mike will take us into. This is going to be especially important right now with calls in Congress to limit these powers and the events that are going on around the world. What could trigger the “Presidential Emergency Action Documents,” known as “PEADS” for short?

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Get ready to be surprised by some of the programs the U.S. government is involved in. Black Files Declassified Season 2 premieres on Wednesday, March 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Science Channel.