Who are the Men of Letters in Supernatural?


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Supernatural is full of creatures, witches, demons, and organizations. The Winchesters now live in the Men of Letters bunker, but what’s the history for the show?

How much do you know about the Men of Letters? This is an organization that has come up numerous times since its addition in Supernatural Season 8. In Season 12, the British faction became a major threat to the American hunter way of life, but we still know very little about the organization as a whole.

Here’s everything we do know, just in case the Men of Letters come up again—and part of us hopes they will.

There’s no date of creation

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At the time of writing this, we can’t tell you just how old the Men of Letters is. The organization could be centuries old for all we know.

There are a few dates that stand out, mostly during and after World War II. There’s no indication that the British and American chapters were only created around this time, just that they were definitely around.

Supernatural first learned about the Men of Letters in Season 8 when Henry Winchester came to the future. He met his adult grandsons, and they finally learned the truth about John Winchester’s father. He wasn’t a deadbeat dad after all. The man had come through time and died in the future. Nobody in the past would have known, as the Men of Letters was a secret organization and defunct after Henry’s time travelling.

There was a mention of the Men of Letters destroying the Grand Coven in the 17th century. It’s a blink and you miss it sort of moment and easy to overlooked the first time you watched the episodes. That suggests they have been around since at least the 1600s. In fact, it seems the Salem witch trials in 1692 were blamed on the Men of Letters.

What’s the point in the Men of Letters?

Hunters and Men of Letters existed within the same parts of the world. In fact, the Men of Letters looked down on hunters (and still do where the British are concerned) and viewed as ill-bred fighters of evil.

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The Men of Letters were created to observe and document the monsters and creatures in the world. While they’re supposed to watch, they have also been involved in exorcising demons and removing magical threats. They also create fake documents and identities to help save people. Going “into the field” is part of the initiation into the organization.

This is also an organization that develops new methods of destroying and curing creatures. The Winchester brothers learn of a way to cure demons, while the British Men of Letters have wiped out all monsters (except Crowley’s crossroad demons due to a pact) within the UK.

The organization knows the most about any creature, spell, mystical being, and lore, except likely for God himself. There are books, videos, and studies about everything imaginable (and unimaginable right now). Yet, the Winchesters have still come up with dead ends, as while the organization knows the most, it definitely doesn’t know all.

Are any Men of Letters still alive in the U.S.?

There are only three known members of the American Men of Letters still alive. Dean and Sam Winchester became legacies after their grandfather told them about their true heritage.

The third is Dorothy Baum, daughter of L. Frank Baum and the main character in Wizard of Oz. Supernatural created the storyline that Baum went to Oz to retrieve another member of the society. He left clues for Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, so she could defeat the wizard when the time came. Dorothy was killed, but her souls was returned from Heaven and she was resurrected. She and Charlie went to Oz and Dorothy remains there, presumed alive.

As for the British Men of Letters, it is unknown the number of members still alive. Lady Antonia Bevell may have been killed in the Season 12 finale, but she left behind a son. He will likely become a member of the organization, as Hess was seen talking to someone through her laptop before her death.

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It’s unknown if there are any other branches out there. We’d like to see them. What about you?

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