Euphoria season 3: 4 questions we need answered

Hunter Schafer and Zendaya in Euphoria - 'F**k Anyone Who's Not a Sea Blob'
Hunter Schafer and Zendaya in Euphoria - 'F**k Anyone Who's Not a Sea Blob' /

Euphoria wrapped up its second season with a police raid, an arrest, a death, and plenty of verbal and physical sparring! Spoilers ahead as we’ll be discussing four questions Euphoria season 3 needs to answer.

The season 2 finale leaves the story with different directions to go come season three. Here are four unanswered questions that I’ll attempt to parse out for you:

What will happen to Fez and Lexi in Euphoria season 3?

In the penultimate episode of this season, it became clear that Fez would not be attending Lexi’s play. In this most recent episode, it was evident why: Fez’s house was raided after Ashtray killed Custer. Ash hid in the bathroom and died pretty much by his own volition. In the aftermath, Fez was taken away by the police. So what happens now? Operating under the assumption that Lexi will find out about this, will the two stay seeing each other? Will this lead to Lexi moving on? Will Fez maybe even insist that she should? Fez’s current predicament certainly complicates things.

Will Euphoria season 3 follow a love triangle?

What started as a will-they-or-won’t-they between Rue and Elliot quickly turned into a budding friendship between Rue, Elliot, and Jules, which then transformed into a complicated romantic situation. Jules and Elliot were in the midst of hooking up when Elliot admitted to Jules that he knew Rue had been using this whole time, because, well, Rue was doing drugs with him. This devastated Jules, and during the play, all three characters were sitting separately in the audience.

However, Rue clearly reconciled with Elliot and did so the best she could with Jules. Elliot said he still thought that Rue and him were not good for each other, but will that lead to him not hanging out with her entirely? What will happen with Jules and Elliot? Will all three be able to maintain friendships as they navigate past romantic sparks? Will those sparks happen again? Season 3 will almost have to answer all of that.

Will stay sober in Euphoria season 3?

In the season finale, Rue ends the episode by saying she stayed clean throughout the rest of the school year. Let’s start with the obvious: Rue has struggled with drugs since the beginning of the show. Also, I’d say her using again is a heavy betting favorite for season 3. That said, how long will she be able to keep this up? How will her sober lifestyle change her? Rue’s mom alluded to Rue having less pushback from her now that she’s older. Rue clearly hit a low in season two, and now that she’s sober, she might not have that many second chances.

Is Laurie going to track down Rue in Euphoria season 3?

I’ve been thinking about this since it happened, really. In what was maybe the darkest episode of television I’ve seen all year, Rue narrowly avoids a human trafficking situation and finds a way back home. The innermost details of East Highland — the town Euphoria is set in — have yet to be truly pinned down. However, it’s probably safe to assume that it isn’t the biggest city ever. Can Laurie find Rue? Rue may have veered towards a path of sobriety in season 2, but that doesn’t mean her drug-related demons are all exorcised. Things could fester. Laurie could find her. And Rue’s troubles might become more than just staying clean.

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