The Hurt Locker and four other best movies directed by women

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(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for DGA)

Women’s History Month is here and in celebration of the incredible filmmakers over the years that have made truly remarkable films, I share some of the best movies directed by women.

When making this list, it was tough just to pick five films over the history of cinema. So many movies have made such a profound impact on society that so many often overlook them. Speaking of overlooking, the Academy has overlooked women directors for so many years, that it has become a celebration when one gets nominated. Seven, yes, only SEVEN women have been nominated for Best Director, with only Kathytn Bigelow and Chloe Zhao having won. Jane Campion looks to be the third at the 2022 Academy Awards.

5 of the best movies directed by women

Moving on, I wanted to mention a few directors who recently have been put on my radar with their incredible work—starting with the more recent turn by Mimi Cave’s directorial debut with Fresh. When you watch this movie, you can’t help but think the person behind the lens has done this for years—next, Janicza Bravo, who directed one of my favorite movies of 2021, Zola. Bravo impressed the hell out of me with her work. Last, Emma Seligman and her work on the intense thriller Shiva Baby. WHAT A RIDE that film was as she had me on the edge of my seat throughout.

My thinking behind making a list was to look at the history of film and find the movie that had a lasting impact on me. I don’t doubt in my mind that this list will not be for everyone or you think I am crazy for missing a specific film. But, I promise you, narrowing this list was about as hard as you can imagine. So many women directors have made great films and here is the list of movies that have impacted me the most.

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