Severance season 2: When is the next episode of Severance coming out?

Severance key art. Courtesy of Apple TV+.
Severance key art. Courtesy of Apple TV+. /

The Severance season 1 finale is now streaming on Apple TV+ and is leaving fans with their jaws on the floor. Those final moments will be haunting us for weeks to come! We have so many questions and concerns about what could happen next. Let’s begin with the biggest question and what we all want to know the most — when will Severance season 2 come out on Apple TV+?

Before we go on, please note that there are massive spoilers ahead if you have not watched that intense season 1 finale! Go stream Severance season 1 episode 9 now and then come back to speculate what’s to come.

First, has Severance even been renewed for another season? Yes! The Apple TV+ hit series was renewed before the season 1 finale premiered on the platform, Deadline broke the exciting news. Had the renewal not been announced before the finale, we would all be in panic, wondering if they were going to leave us hanging. Now, when is the next season coming out?

When could Severance season 2 come out on Apple TV+?

Seasons are typically one year apart, but things could be different when it comes to streaming platforms. However, as far as we know, it should be about a year. That said, Severance season 2 could be coming early to mid-2023. If there are delays, this date would change. We also have to consider the working schedules of everyone involved.

In the final moments of the Severance season 1 finale, Milchick broke into the control room, forcing Dylan to let go. This happened just as Mark found a picture of his late wife, learning that it’s Ms. Casey. What will happen to Dylan and the others for breaking the rules? We are all specifically worried about Mark! What do you think will happen next?

Stay tuned! We will be updating this post as soon as we learn more about Severance season 2. While we wait for news, what will you be streaming? Is Apple TV+ your go-to streaming platform?

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