Batwoman, Dynasty: Why did The CW cancel so many shows in 2022?

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- Legends of Tomorrow CWPR
Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- Legends of Tomorrow CWPR /

Fans of many The CW shows were shocked when the network went on a cancellation spree and did not renew nine of its shows. That’s a lot to do at one time, and isn’t very common!

The cancelled shows include Batwoman, Charmed, Dynasty, Legacies, and Legends of Tomorrow. A couple of these series have already aired their finales, while Charmed, Dynasty, and Legacies will wrap their final seasons in June.

Series that are coming back include All American and Riverdale, and the new Supernatural spinoff, The Winchesters. They are part of the network’s 2022-2023 schedule. Riverdale is one of the CW’s most popular teen dramas, and will be coming back for a seventh and final season next year.

With all of these changes, there’s a reason the network had to say goodbye to a number of its shows. Many of which are fan-favorites, successful, and have high viewer ratings. These decisions made things all the more confusing for the audience.

Why did The CW cancel so many shows in 2022?

The reason for this major shift is because it’s a “time of transition” for the network, CW Boss Mark Pedowitz told Deadline. That’s because the network has been up for sale, and is very close to being bought by Nexstar. The deal is expected to close in the next few weeks, according to Deadline.

Whenever a company is bought by another, there’s bound to be changes. They have to look at their financials and make some difficult decisions. And that’s what seems to have happened at the CW.

Pedowitz said because they didn’t know 100% what would happen, he encouraged all producers of the various CW shows to treat their finales like series finales. That way they could come to somewhat of a satisfying end.

Though there’s a very reasonable explanation and I’m sure this was a very hard decision to come to, some of the shows that got the ax are still surprising. It’s going to take a while for fans to get over their shock.

What do you think about The CW’s decision? Was your favorite show cancelled? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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