The Staircase series finale: When is the last episode coming out?

The Staircase on HBO Max has capture our full attention since its premiere in May 2022. If you haven’t been watching, you need to do so ASAP. All episodes of The Staircase so far are streaming on the platform, but there are more to come! How many more? When is the last episode of The Staircase? Here’s what we know!

Here at Hidden Remote, we love a good crime drama! Especially true crime dramas, which is what The Staircase on HBO Max is about. Now, if the title seems familiar, that’s because there is a series of the same name on Netflix, which is more of a documentary. The HBO Max miniseries is a scripted drama that will also focus on family grudges, drama, and hidden secret, digging even deeper into what we have already seen in both the Netflix series and other documentaries on the case.

The Staircase follows Kathleen’s mysterious death. She as found by her husband, Michael Peterson, at the bottom of the stairs, but doesn’t appear to be an accident. Is Michael innocent?

When is the last episode of The Staircase coming out?

The miniseries consist of eight episodes, and if you’ve been watching, you know that we are near the end. At the time of this writing, there is only one episode left after tonight! Here’s the schedule for the last two episodes:

  • Episode 7, “Seek and Ye Shall,” June 2
  • Episode 8, “America’s Sweetheart or: Time Over Time,” June 9

And remember, since this is a “miniseries,” there won’t be another season, which is fine! One season is all we need since this is based on a true story, after all. Need other shows to watch streaming on HBO Max? The streaming platform has plenty! We recommend We Own This City, Euphoria, Barry (currently streaming new episodes), and The Flight Attendant. What is your favorite HBO Max series?