Barry season 3 finale: When is the last episode coming out?

Barry season 3 on HBO, image courtesy HBO. Photograph by Merrick Morton/HBO
Barry season 3 on HBO, image courtesy HBO. Photograph by Merrick Morton/HBO /

This season of HBO’s Barry is the most intense yet! And we still have some episodes to go before a, what I’m sure will be, shocking season 3 finale. But just how many episodes of Barry season 3 are there? When is the Barry season 3 finale? We share all the details with you!

Barry season 3 did not come to play! I repeat, season 3 is pulling back no punches. We are seeing a different side of Barry Berkman, one that many aren’t a fan of (I say this in the best way). This is some brilliant acting from Bill Hader. Season 3 episode 7, titled “candy asses,” left fans with their jaw on the floor! Needless to say, the next episode can’t come soon enough — but when is that, exactly? Unfortunately, the finale is coming sooner than you think.

When is the last episode of Barry season 3?

Just like previous seasons, this season consists of eight episodes. I know what you’re thinking, that’s not nearly enough! But hey, I do believe it’s all about quality and not quantity. Still, I do wish Barry would feature 10 episodes each season, at the very least.

As you may have probably guessed, this does mean that the next episode (episode 8) is the season 3 finale. Episode 8 is titled “starting now,” and it was directed by Bill Hader and written by Alec Berg and Bill Hader, so we are expecting greatness! And a huge cliffhanger, I’m sure.

The Barry season 3 finale drops on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, June 12, at 10 p.m. ET. Yes, the episode (just as all previous episodes have) will air on the HBO network at 10 p.m. ET as well as be available to stream on the HBO Max platform at the same time. All you have to worry about is where you’ll be watching and don’t forget the snacks!

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