Walker season 3 release date, cast, plot, trailer and more

We’re a month out from the Walker season 3 premiere! Fans have been clamoring for the show’s third season thanks to the season 2 finale cliffhanger that left Cordell in dire straits. Thankfully, they’ll be getting answers soon about what’s happened to him.

Also in October, the Walkerverse is set to expand as the show’s first spin-off, Walker Independence, will be making its debut as well. That means Thursdays on The CW are about to be all about westerns with a modern iteration of the genre leading into the network’s first period piece that’s not set in the 20th century.

Here’s what you need to know about season 3!

Walker season 3 release date

Season 3 premieres Thursday, Oct. 6 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Walker season 3 cast

  • Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker
  • Keegan Allen as Liam Walker
  • Mitch Pileggi as Bonham Walker
  • Molly Hagan as Abeline Walker
  • Violet Brinson as Stella Walker
  • Kale Culley as August Walker
  • Coby Bell as Captain Larry James
  • Jeff Pierre as Trey Barnett
  • Odette Annable as Geri Broussard
  • Ashley Reyes as Cassie Perez

Walker season 3 plot

While we don’t have a synopsis yet, we do know that fans are eagerly waiting to know what happened to Cordell. He was kidnapped at the end of season 2. Who snatched him? We’ll have to wait to find out, but showrunner Anna Fricke did tease in a TVLine interview that he was taken due to his investigation. Cordell also may be haunted by something that happened in his past.

As for his family and friends, they don’t know he’s been kidnapped. His absence, however, is certain to have an effect on all of them. It’s going to light a fire under his partner Cassie whose stories are only going to be bigger in season 3.

We’ll keep you posted on an official synopsis for the premiere.

Walker season 3 trailer

An official trailer has yet to be released for season 3, however, we can share a teaser. Check out the tweet below.

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