What illness does Viserys have in House of the Dragon?

King Viserys is looking frailer by the episode. What exactly is the illness he has in House of the Dragon? Is it greyscale?

Game of Thrones fans know of one debilitating skin condition in the universe. It’s all about greyscale, but that’s not what King Viserys I is suffering from in House of the Dragon.

Every fan out there is questioning this illness, which is making the king look far older than he really is. The king’s health is worrisome, especially with Aegon still a young boy and not the whole of Westeros behind the idea of a woman ruling. The Maesters are trying their best, although maybe someone should listen to the idea of herbs instead of leeches. This would depend on what type of illness the king is suffering from.

This isn’t an illness from the book. Viserys is healthy all the way up until the end, when he suffers from what is presumed an infection.

Viserys has a form of leprosy in House of the Dragon

EW got the answer. In the podcast West of Westeros, we learned that Viserys is suffering from leprosy. There wasn’t much that could be done for leprosy in the past, and that’s the way of the world in House of the Dragon. Sure, there’s magic, but it doesn’t solve all the problems. Sadly, Viserys doesn’t have someone like Samwell Tarly who is willing to try anything possible to get rid of it.

In the novel, Viserys dies of what is presumed to be an infection. He does cut his hand on the Iron Throne, slicing off a couple of fingers. This leads to an infection and it kills him, throwing Westeros into choas.

Interestingly enough, there is a theory that the Iron Throne hurts or kills those considered unworthy or weak. We know from Fire & Blood by George R.R. Martin that Maegor the Cruel (previously mentioned in House of the Dragon) died on the Throne. The Mad King was cut regularly on the Throne. Is Viserys’s cut, which has also happened on a smaller scale in the show, a sign that the Throne doesn’t think he is worthy of ruling?

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