Survivor 43 episode 3 haunts those who vote players out

Survivor 43 episode 3 gives fans incredible gameplay, amazing challenge strength and a blindside that hurts to watch, as the expressions of those who did the voting is haunting.

This week’s episode of Survivor focused on the message of not letting fear dictate one’s game. Whether it be taking hidden advantages or thriving in challenges, players had to make decisions to put them best in a position to win down the road.

How challenging is it to vote off a player in Survivor 43 episode 3?

After last week’s episode highlighted castaways taking chances, Survivor 43 episode 3 gives viewers a chance to see a player’s quandary right off the bat. Despite the Coco (blue) tribe discussing the potential of advantages in this episode, Karla Cruz Godoy made use of her time alone on the island to make something happen. Or did she?

“I put it back,” she said after discovering a “Beware Advantage.” Knowing the history of the past few seasons, Karla knew there’s a penalty that comes along with opening such an advantage. Up to this point, she’s played a specific game where she’s trusted and the people in her tribe seem to gravitate towards her. If she were to risk it, and lose her vote as a penalty of taking the beware advantage, would she potentially lose the social capital she’s gained to this point? Well, she decided to put it back – until she talked to her tribemate James Jones.

After realizing they’re playing for a million dollars, Karla went back and grabbed the advantage. Then, fans everywhere got to see Karla work her magic. Much like Cody having to earn beads from his tribemates in last week’s episode, Karla also had to gain specific beads that each player was given at the start of the game. Her stories: wanting to make a necklace for her girlfriend, exchanging mementos to remember each other or offering a trade so the other person can use it to their benefit.

Not only did Karla excel at her social game, Noelle Lambert equally excelled at the immunity challenge. After losing her leg the summer after her freshman year in college, Noelle has had to adapt in ways many people cannot comprehend. But, she has a message for fans out there, “I’m absolutely here to prove anyone can play Survivor.”

Dalton Ross, expert reporter for Survivor acknowledged her prowess in the water challenge in Survivor 43 episode 3. He writes, “Do you know how hard it is to propel yourself straight down underwater with only one leg…there have been a bevy of Survivor contestants…that could not do it with two legs! Kicking hard is essential to get down deep, so the fact that Noelle did it with only one is insanely impressive.” Unfortunately, her effort wasn’t enough in this team challenge.

Not only did Noelle end up on the losing tribe where someone would be voted out, she was sent on a boat with two other castaways while everyone else schemed without her. Yes, there’s always the potential of gaining an advantage on these journeys away from the tribe, but losing out on the group discussion makes Noelle an easy target.

Pictured (L-R): Noelle Lambert. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The pain in someone’s face after a vote-out on Survivor is absolutely palpable

The CBS show continues to excel at blindsides and there doesn’t seem to be an end in these vote-outs even after 20-plus years of television. Players had to decide what was best for their tribe; continuing to vote amongst alliances or voting on what they perceive keeps their tribe strong. In this case, Jesse Lopez and Cody Assenmacher were debating whether to vote out Noelle or cut loose Nneka Ejere who’s their alliance partner.

Despite such a short window of time where these players have been isolated together, genuine bonds do form and the dichotomy of gameplay enters true form in Survivor 43 episode 3. Do we “stay strong” to avoid tribal council? Or do we stick with our alliance to keep those we can absolutely trust?

Viewers watched as Jesse compared Nneka to his mother and the idea of voting her out brought tears to his eyes. Cody also questioned his bond with Nneka as he saw how immensely capable Noelle is in challenges. Tribal council was also a mystery as Noelle had earned herself a “steal a vote” from her excursion away from her tribemates, but viewers must’ve been puzzled (like me) when she didn’t make an announcement that she’d be stealing someone’s vote to make sure she was safe.

Despite the perplexing moment, it was made absolutely clear in the final vote. Everyone voted Nneka out of the game. In that moment where Jeff says aloud, “The third person voted out,” the pain seen in the faces of her alliance members is 100% palpable. There is emotional pain when it comes to these vote outs. The despair in Cody’s face, in particular, fans could see how trying the task of writing someone’s name down can be.

In a game worth so much money, it’s quite moving to see how devastating it is to move forward despite doing so without a trusted friend. Will it be the right move for them next week or beyond? That’s the tragic beauty of Survivor and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Are you sad to see Nneka leave? Were you emotionally impacted by the sadness seen on Cody and Jesse’s faces? Are Karla and Noelle easy fan favorites of the season already? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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