The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Oct. 19): Bill marks his territory

Coverage of the CBS Original Series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Sean Kanan as Deacon Sharpe and Kimberlin Brown as Sheila Carter. Photo: Adam Torgerson/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Coverage of the CBS Original Series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Sean Kanan as Deacon Sharpe and Kimberlin Brown as Sheila Carter. Photo: Adam Torgerson/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Almost everyone overstepped their bounds today on The Bold and the Beautiful. All I could do was laugh because somehow the only two people with tact this episode were Sheila and Deacon. Yes, you read that right.

Steffy and Thomas didn’t even let their father come back to work before calling a meeting to announce Ridge and Taylor’s reunion. We can presume their parents are still in romantic bliss, but it would be super embarrassing if they weren’t and this announcement was made before they could say something about their situation themselves.

Then Bill paid Deacon a visit to warn him off Brooke by letting the cat out the bag that Ridge left her. His caveman routine, while in character, was hilarious considering Brooke left him twice for Ridge and that includes after the time she found out Ridge was messing around with her nemesis, Quinn.

Speaking of Forrester Creations former jewelry designer, Eric made Carter speak up about their split which again sent me rolling because it was petty. Sure, he did it with the gravitas of a man who simply wants everyone to know a great change has occurred in the family, but it just didn’t seem like that announcement fit after Thomas and Steffy shared their good news.

Eric put Carter on the spot and the COO had to stand there shamefaced and own up to Quinn leaving him despite all the drama they put Paris and the Forresters through in their quest to be together. I refuse to believe that the Forrester patriarch didn’t do that on purpose. Eric knows what he was doing. Petty king.

Here’s more on the ridiculous scenes that made up this unintentionally funny episode of our soap.

The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Oct. 19)

In yesterday’s recap, I noted that it’s strange that Brooke, Hope, and Liam haven’t come to the conclusion that Ridge left because of the CPS call. Today, they missed the forest for the trees but at least Hope did bring up that the end of her mother’s marriage could be due to the custody struggle over Douglas.

Brooke dismissed the idea because she’s under the belief that their impasse on that matter was straining them, but it wasn’t anything they couldn’t have worked through eventually. The CPS call wasn’t brought up, however, Brooke did take a moment from her grief to once again reiterate that she thinks Thomas is dangerous and that he shouldn’t have had a knife in Douglas’ presence.

Hope shut down that line of talking in record time and stated that she doesn’t want to talk about Thomas. She did it with irritation so again, I ask what is up with her mood lately? I have no proof (yet), but maybe Thomas wasn’t the only one affected by their late night work session. But, I digress.

With Brooke distraught, and Liam looking like he really didn’t need to be in the scene, Hope hugged her mother and promised that she and Liam would be there for her. Eric promised the same thing of him and Donna, though Brooke’s not aware of that.

After Steffy and Thomas brought Eric, Donna, Paris, Carter, and Katie into the office to announce the demise of Brooke and Ridge’s marriage to make room for the rise of his romance with Taylor, Eric made sure Katie knew that if Brooke needs anything, he and Donna will be there for her.

Katie couldn’t believe that this was actually happening and parroted Donna’s line about not counting out Bridge. The two Forrester siblings, however, were too busy expressing their happiness about this turn of events to care about how upset the Logan women and their grandfather are over this.

Surprisingly, Eric pivoted the conversation to Quinn leaving Carter. He put the man on the spot by announcing there was something else the family needed to know and then looked at Carter to fill them all in. See, Quinn had sent Eric a resignation text and thanked him for her time at Forrester Creations. It was her sole communication to him and Carter found that out today.

He had to stand there and explain that she’d left him and that he has no idea where she is. Though you’d think he’d be able to make a pretty good guess considering she’s more than likely with her best friend, Shauna, or he could simply ask Quinn’s son, Wyatt. For the record, Carter has yet to say he’s talked to anyone of importance in his ex-lover’s life about her whereabouts, so he doesn’t seem to be looking too hard for her.

Paris got to be bitter about this news, as is her due, and Carter gave another lackluster apology. But everyone else felt sorry for him. No one, however, gave their condolences with the sass that Steffy did. Always the bearer of great lines, she told Carter that she was sorry for what he’s going through, acknowledged that she and Quinn didn’t have a great relationship, and then said Quinn’s jewelry line was a success for Forrester and for that she’ll be missed.

It was the equivalent of saying I’m really going to miss the money she brought in but alas she’s gone. I love Steffy, I cannot say that enough even when her smugness over her parents’ reunion is grating. That episode ending scene of her and Hope standing off over their parents was ridiculous right down to the hair flip. Peak soap opera move. As delicious as it was nonsensical.

What else was nonsensical in this episode? Bill going over to Deacon’s to tell him that Brooke is off limits to him because he, Dollar Bill Spencer, is going to be the new man in her life. Mind you, Brooke recently asked him to leave her house on the slim chance that Ridge might come home to her. She hasn’t contacted him since, and it’s doubtful that he’s even on her mind.

Still, Bill has convinced himself that he can get Brooke to move on from Ridge even though he’s been married to her twice and still never usurped the Forrester in her heart. Also, weirdly, Bill thinks that flying Brooke on private jets and sailing around on his yacht is going to sway her toward him as if she’s some doe-eyed young woman who has no money.

Brooke Logan is worth millions. The woman is not just rich, she’s wealthy. Her lingerie line and perfume brand is world famous. Most of the men she’s been with have had money. Bill isn’t going to be showing her anything or doing something with her that she can’t do on her own if she wants to. She has her own estate!

Deacon was the voice of reason in that whole pompous showdown. He was right. Brooke follows her heart not money especially not at this age and after decades of success in the fashion world. Bill must have forgotten who he’s speaking of because it certainly wasn’t Brooke Logan, creator of Brooke’s Bedroom.

I’m not usually one to sing Brooke’s praises, but it can’t be denied that she’s sitting comfortable because of her own hard work and time spent perfecting her brand after she got in good with the Forresters. Bill needs to ask somebody if he doesn’t know.

But what was most interesting about this conversation was the fact that Deacon took in the news of Ridge and Brooke’s break-up without putting himself in the middle. Granted that could have been because Sheila was hiding in the bathroom, but he only seemed to be listening as if the news doesn’t affect him and his life.

Though, considering Sheila said she wants to keep creating paradise for him in the apartment they share, it will likely cause a problem if she gets insecure. Sheila’s very attached to Deacon and when she re-entered the room after Bill left, she looked anxious about what she overheard.

Deacon was his usual self, he even remarked with humor about Bill’s face being on the money that he threw at him. So perhaps he, too, is moving on. He’s going to have to convince Sheila of that with a quickness, however, because when she’s upset she gets violent and Brooke has enough problems as it is.

Until next time, Bold fans. Stay beautiful!

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