What happened to Karen in 911?

Photo credit: 9-1-1/FOX by Michael Becker, Acquired via FOX Flash
Photo credit: 9-1-1/FOX by Michael Becker, Acquired via FOX Flash /

We knew we had to tune into 911 Season 6, Episode 6 live. It was the only way to find out if Karen would survive the explosion at her workplace.

Caution: This post contains spoilers from 911 Season 6, Episode 6.

At the end of the previous episode, Karen called 911. There’d been an explosion at her workplace, and we knew the 118 would end up responding. Then the promo made us worried about Tracie Thoms’s character. Was it possible that we’d lose the best couple on the entire series?

Things looked good at first. Karen was able to walk out of the building. She was even able to get Bobby to the Clean Room, even though it wasn’t in time to prevent the next explosion. It was still hopeful that she would make it out of the workplace explosion alive.

While outside, she started struggling to breathe. She thought she was just trying to catch her breath after rushing out of the building, after dealing with the stress of the situation. However, there was something more serious going on. Karen collapsed and stopped breathing.

Did Hen save Karen in 911 Season 6?

Hen rode in the back of the ambulance, doing chest impressions the whole time. It was the only thing she could to do prevent Karen from dying. It worked. Karen’s normal heart rhythm came back and it was time to rush her to the doctors at the hospital for urgent care.

It turned out she has survived but her spleen was caught in the surgery. The surgeons had to remove her spleen (one organ you can live without), and she’ll be going home in a few days. Of course, when Karen woke up, she was more concerned about everyone else than herself.

And yes, Denny was absolutely fine. He got out of the building at the start without any injuries. He was scared and struggled to sleep that night, but at least he was safe.

Throughout the entire episode, we got to see Karen and Hen’s love story. It hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows for the two, but it was Hen almost dying on a call that led to Karen realizing that she couldn’t live without Hen. What if she didn’t have tomorrow?

The end of the episode was more about what Hen would do next with her life. She had the employee termination paperwork still in front of us, unsure of what she would do with her life next. Is she ready to leave the 118 for good? It turns out not. She threw the paperwork in the trash, and it looks like she’s not going ahead with that dream she once had of becoming a surgeon.

It actually turns out that Karen once gave up her dream for Hen and Denny. She gave up her dream of becoming an astronaut because giving up dreams is a sacrifice worth making for those you love.

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What did you think of the episode? Did you call the way it would all play out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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