Is The Winchesters filmed in New Orleans?

Photo: Patti Perret/The CW -- © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Patti Perret/The CW -- © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

The Winchesters is three episodes in, and it certainly has a slightly different feel to it compared to Supernatural. Where is the series filmed?

Supernatural was filmed in Vancouver, Canada. Despite being set all over the United States, it was filmed in sunny rainy British Columbia, and the show wasn’t afraid to make jokes about that. Vancouver gives shows a blue-ish coloring, which was perfect for that series.

If you’ve watched The Winchesters, you’ll see that some of the locations that we did see in Supernatural look a little different. That’s because this CW series is not filmed in Canada. In fact, it looks like The CW is moving away from using Canada as a base for shows recently.

The Winchesters is filmed in the United States. It’s filmed in New Orleans, to be exact.

Why is The Winchesters filmed in New Orleans?

Jensen Ackles explained the reason why the move to New Orleans to TVLine. It’s all linked to the feeling of the show.

As mentioned, Vancouver offers a blue-ish look to the show. That wouldn’t suit this series. It’s a period piece, set in the 1970s. That meant the series needed a different tone to it, and Ackles wanted an amber tone. New Orleans offers that warmth.

There may be other reasons for choosing New Orleans. One of the biggest reasons for Supernatural coming to an end was that the stars were ready to call it quits. They mentioned that the travel back and forth between Vancouver and Austin, Texas was too much for them. They would work the weekdays and then travel back to Austin for the weekends to be with family. They weren’t going to uproot their families to Canada for work.

That started to take its toll, which was why the season counts dropped from 23 episodes to 20. New Orleans is much closer to Austin, and Lousianna is Danneel Ackles’s home state (she’s from Lafayette).

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