The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Nov. 30): Brooke finally knows

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The moment we’ve all be waiting for happened today on The Bold and the Beautiful. Ridge finally told Brooke about the CPS call and how he thought she was the one who placed it.

But, before Bridge fans start popping bottles, it seems this messy situation isn’t necessarily going to end in a reunion between the two. Personally, I’m not ruling it out. “Destiny” tends to win out on our soap, but Ridge avoided answering Taylor’s question about whether they were going to remarry. It may not be happening today, but it may down the line.

Right now, Ridge’s focus is setting things right and that started with him paying a house call to Logan Manor to speak with Brooke, leaving Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas in the mansion’s living room unsure of what’s next.

Here’s the full recap of events.

What happened today on The Bold and the Beautiful?

The episode threw us back in the middle of the fracturing family unit as Thomas continued to stand his ground about the decisions he made. Once again, Taylor explained her part in this mess. She admitted that she thought both Steffy and Thomas were right. She needed to tell Ridge the truth but that truth also had nothing to do with their relationship.

As Taylor pointed out, Ridge was the one who went to Aspen to tell her that he wanted to be with her. He told her that Brooke had nothing to do with his decision to spend the rest of their lives together. Thomas had no hand in that and whether she told Ridge before or after they said vows, their truth, as Ridge sold it to her, is that they have a future no matter what Brooke has or hasn’t done.

Suspiciously, Ridge stayed silent whenever Taylor pressed him about getting married. He saved all his vocal power for his rightful ire toward Thomas. Ridge told his son that he’d hurt so many people including Hope and Douglas. He even stated that Thomas’ actions were sick and twisted, calling him a self-centered delusional child.

I agree with the first two descriptions but not the last one. Thomas has been clear. He wanted his father out of his marriage with Brooke. This wasn’t a self-serving plot. Just like Steffy, Thomas believes that their family is at its best when Ridge and Taylor are together. There’s love and warmth, community, and a sense of belonging.

In their eyes, Ridge is his most happiest when he’s surrounded by their family and in a partnership with Taylor who, as Ridge has said himself, makes him want to be a better man, father, and person all around. There’s nothing self-centered, delusional, or childish about recognizing how your loved one flourishes and grows with certain people and not others.

However, calling CPS on yourself, putting your child in danger of being placed in the custody of the state, framing someone for a downfall, manipulating the truth, and shattering your loved one’s faith in their partner and their understanding of who they married is sick and twisted. There’s no other way to describe what Thomas did and how its impacted his family, especially his father and mother.

Steffy was right to speak up. She reiterated that she believes her dad deserved to know before he got married that way they all could know that he was marrying Taylor because of his love for her. There was a lot of honesty on display during the Forresters’ scenes today, at least from Steffy, Taylor, and Thomas.

With his own integrity on the line, Ridge didn’t rise to the occasion. He had time to and more than one opening as Taylor pushed for him to answer her on whether they’d be getting married, but he didn’t do it. Instead, he told Thomas that he’d be speaking to Eric about his position at the company to which a teary and frustrated Thomas asked if he’d be getting kicked out of the family, too. Ridge didn’t answer.

He also brought up Taylor being a psychiatrist so she should know that their son needs a lot of help. She agreed that they all had a lot to work through, but that she wants to believe that they’d be doing it as a family with the two of them as husband and wife. The fracture in Thomas and Ridge’s relationship is exactly what she’d been afraid of.

Taylor said part of the reason why she didn’t want to say anything before getting married was because she didn’t want all this hurt to eclipse their wedding day. They’re supposed to be exchanging vows and instead there’s tension, tears, and broken hearts. This is not at all how she imagined this day would go.

Though Ridge did tell Taylor that he loves her, he left the mansion to set things right. He did so without giving her an answer on whether a wedding would still be happening, so now we’re all left in limbo waiting to find out what Ridge’s decision will be. In the meantime, we’re sure to be treated to more bickering between Steffy and Thomas since they disagree with one another on how all of this was handled.

Elsewhere, at Logan Manor, Hope arrived to support her mom. Brooke filled her in on how she hadn’t been sitting home alone. She’d had Katie, Donna, their father Stephen, and his girlfriend Lucy to keep her company. Still, she appreciated her daughter’s presence and they chatted for a bit about how wrong it is that Ridge is marrying Taylor.

Then Brooke sent Hope on down to the cabin so she could have one more moment reminiscing about Ridge before he arrived on her doorstep with a knock and his tail between his legs.

Ridge told her the truth and nothing but the truth. He confessed about the CPS call and how he should have had more faith in her when she said that she didn’t make that call, but he’d heard her voice on the recording. And he’d heard it because of his son’s ingenuity and resourcefulness that led him to use Douglas’ phone app to frame her for the call.

Ridge looked ashamed and incredibly apologetic, but this was only part one of this long awaited conversation. The next episode is sure to be something as these two exes hash it out over what Thomas did and how it led to the end of their marriage. Hopefully, we also get an answer from Ridge on who he wants to be with now that the truth is out.

The last piece of this episode was a C plot where Sheila and Deacon once again bumped heads over Brooke and Sheila’s daring trips outside of the apartment that could lead to her getting caught. They didn’t break new ground with their scenes but maybe they will soon since Sheila’s still refusing to leave town even though that’s the only way she’s not going back behind bars.

Until next time, Bold fans. Stay beautiful!

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