M3GAN movie soundtrack: Which songs play in the movie?

M3gan, Photo credit: Geoffrey Short/Universal Pictures
M3gan, Photo credit: Geoffrey Short/Universal Pictures /

Horror thriller M3GAN is now playing in theaters and both fans and critics are loving it! Hidden Remote had the chance to screen the movie early and we can confirm the hype is very real. Don’t wait for M3GAN to hack a streaming platform, go see it on the big screen this weekend. M3GAN is a killer good time, with a soundtrack that’s just as great. Which songs play in the M3GAN movie soundtrack?

I’ll be the first to admit that my expectations for the movie were pretty low. It just seemed silly. But I always give all movies a chance and wow am I glad I did! M3GAN is hilarious, and we can talk about it all day, but in this post, we’re going to focus on the killer soundtrack featured in the movie.

M3GAN movie soundtrack

Here’s the list of all songs included in the M3GAN movie soundtrack so you can add them to your playlist, which you can check out HERE. First, here’s the original score, and the songs Megan sings in the movie are in bold.

  • Funki Headquarters
  • A Message From Oregon
  • Those Aren’t Toys
  • Reluctant Guardian/Meeting Bruce
  • Prototype
  • The Perfect Algorithm
  • On the Subject of Death
  • A Hole in the Fence
  • Calibrated Response
  • Corporate Misdeeds
  • Tell Me Your Dreams (Anthony Willis, Jenna Davis) 
  • Attachment Theory
  • Bully in the Forest
  • Bad Boys Equal Bad Men
  • Angel of Death
  • Titanium (Anthony Willis, Jenna Davis) 
  • Approximately 5 Feet Deep
  • Detectives & Missing Data Reports
  • True Guardian
  • She’s Still Plugged In
  • Departing Funki
  • Megan’s Fantasy
  • Workshop Duel
  • Two Titans
  • Model 3 Generative an-droid
  • A Message from Elsie
  • Funki Redux
  • Life & Death (Suite from M3GAN)
  • Bruce’s Dream

And in the M3GAN movie trailer, we hear Taylor Swift‘s “It’s Nice to Have a Friend.” The second trailer features Bella Poarch’s “Dolls.” Which of these songs will you be adding to your playlist? Or did you already have these hit songs?

M3GAN is now playing in theaters. As soon as we know where the movie will stream after theaters, we’ll update this post!

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