M3GAN 2 movie updates: Everything we know so far about the MEGAN movie sequel

M3gan, Photo credit: Geoffrey Short/Universal Pictures
M3gan, Photo credit: Geoffrey Short/Universal Pictures /

Not long after the release of M3GAN in theaters, there were talks about a sequel being in early stages. On Jan. 19, it was officially confirmed that M3GAN 2 is definitely happening! We have created this page to help all fans say updated on the latest MEGAN 2 movie updates as we’ll be uploading the page as we learn more.

After the success of MEGANa sequel was a safe bet, but we didn’t know how eager production was to make it or how long it would take. The Universal horror-thriller has a total of $92 million in ticket sales worldwide, this is awesome for a horror feature, but knowing that the movie was put together with a $12 million budget makes it even better.

MEGAN 2 movie release date

We may predict movie release dates often at Hidden Remote, but there’s no need for that when it comes to the MEGAN 2 movie! As Deadline has shared, Universal has set a Jan. 17, 2025, for the premiere of M3GAN 2. We love that it is sticking with a January release, and while I do wish the movie would get here sooner, you can’t rush great work!

MEGAN 2 plot

What will M3GAN 2.0 be about? We’re not sure, but it’ll feature plenty of Megan, that’s for sure. *Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched the movie! M3GAN ends with Megan defeated and deactivated, but audiences quickly learn that she may have transferred herself to another smart device. We also know that MEGAN is not the forgiving type, so she is going to seek revenge in the sequel.

MEGAN 2 cast

Sadly, the cast for the upcoming movie is something else that is too early to know about. We are assuming, if MEGAN returns to hunt Gemma and Cady, that Allison Williams and Violet McGraw will be back to reprise their roles. Of course, just like all else, as soon as we learn more we will update this post.

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