M3GAN movie review: We all need a friend like MEGAN

M3gan, Photo credit: Geoffrey Short/Universal Pictures
M3gan, Photo credit: Geoffrey Short/Universal Pictures /

We have our first big release in theaters in 2023 in M3GAN. The horror film features a robotic toy that turns into a killer. Is it worth checking out in theaters? I share my thoughts and let you know.

M3GAN follows the story of Gemma, a toy engineer who becomes the caretaker of her niece after her parents die in a car accident. Gemma’s most recent project M3GAN starts as a reliable comfort to the household and Cady. However, before Gemma can present the brand-new invention to the world, things go south fast. The film is directed by Gerald Johnstone and stars Allison Williams and Violet McGraw.

The movie starts out rather drastic with a vicious car accident that sets the pace early for the wide range of emotions you will feel over the next hour and forty minutes. It quickly transitions into a slow build in the relationship between Cady, who is reeling from her parents being killed, and her aunt Gemma who is trying to create the next great toy. However, they begin to bond over M3GAN, and Gemma realizes that she can utilize Cady to help bring this to consumers.

Of course, the dream becomes a nightmare and takes a turn for the worse. We see a sequence where we see the switch flipped in M3GAN, who is trying to protect Cady, leading to this monumental shift that leads to the film escalating to another level, never turning back.

I would watch 50 more M3GAN movies

A few more standout things about the film that worked were the music and the kills. I’ve read that some have had issues that they didn’t let Megan unleash a little more in being PG-13. However, I loved the writers painted so close to that line that you really got some fun, unique kills. One of the more essential things needed in a horror film is the kills, and the fun ones got kicked some serious ass. As for the music, the soundtrack is so good and so much fun, especially when M3GAN is singing to us.

Overall, the final fifteen minutes of this movie are freaking bonkers and truly incredible. Everything I wanted this film to be is exactly what we get. It was wild and crazy, and I would watch about 50 more of these movies. So give me M3GAN 1, 2, 3 and 4 now! Brilliant.

M3GAN is in theaters now.  

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