New Disney+ shows and movies to stream this weekend (Jan. 20)

NATIONAL TREASURE: EDGE OF HISTORY - “Episode 103” (Disney/Brian Roedel)
NATIONAL TREASURE: EDGE OF HISTORY - “Episode 103” (Disney/Brian Roedel) /

Each week, Disney+ continues to release content on the same days. Regardless, the platform is still giving us a lot of new shows and movies to enjoy.

While it can be nice to know the weekly schedule, it’s also fun when Disney mixes it up. I think we all remember when new episodes were released on Fridays. With it moving to Wednesdays, it does help get over the hump of the week.

Even so, Disney+ is keeping the tradition alive with the new additions for this week. Whether you’re looking for new episodes of an original or want something completely unique, the platform should have something to make your weekend a bit more lively.

This week’s Disney+ lineup was somewhat predictable but also had a few surprises, too.

New Disney+ releases

While Disney is keeping a pretty firm schedule with its originals, there are a few unexpected shows being added for your weekend watching, too.

  • Chibi Tiny Tales season 3 episodes (Jan. 18)
  • Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Funhouse season 2 episodes (Jan. 18)
  • King Shakir Recycles (Jan. 18)
  • Me & Mickey season 1 shorts (Jan. 18)
  • National Treasure: Edge of History episode 7 (Jan. 18)
  • Night Stalkers season 1 (Jan. 18)
  • Secret Life of Predators season 1 (Jan. 18)
  • The Bad Batch season 2 episode 4 (Jan. 18)
  • Ocean’s Breath (Jan. 20)
  • Sharkatraz (Jan. 20)

As I mentioned above, Disney+ is really keeping things lowkey for the first month of the year and I’m not mad about it. There are plenty of other exciting and new additions coming to the platform throughout this year. Plus there was a new episode of National Treasure: Edge of History and The Bad Batch if you’re looking to get caught up or decide to try something new.

Regardless of what you’re looking to watch or enjoy this weekend, there is no shortage of shows and movies being added to the streaming service.

dark. Next. How many episodes are in The Bad Batch Season 2?

What do you plan on streaming on Disney+ this weekend? Let us know in the comments.