Are Bill and Frank in The Last of Us game?

The Last of Us Episode 3
The Last of Us Episode 3 /

The Last of Us is not afraid to make some changes to the game storyline. What about everything will Bill and Frank in the TV series? Were they in the game?

The TV series The Last of Us is a huge hit. It’s loosely based on the videogame of the same name, but it’s certainly made some changes. One of those is how Tommy, Joel’s brother, is the driving factor for Joel to get a car and get Ellie across the country.

What about Bill and Frank? The two characters were introduced in the third episode of the series, and we immediately got this pretty beautiful storyline of love amid an apocalypse. The story even showed us how love could help someone change and soften just enough to help with the potential survival of the human race.

The big question is whether these two characters are in the game. How was their storyline changed?

Bill and Frank are in The Last of Us game

We start off by meeting Bill in the game. He has a maze that Joel and Ellie need to work though, and he ends up saving Joel from one of his traps. Joel decides that Bill owes him, and all Joel wants is a car with a battery.

Bill shares a little about why he’s a loner throughout his scenes in the game. He’s not a main character at all, and we only get him for this short stint in the game.

It turns out that Frank is his partner. We learn that Frank hanged himself with Bill sharing it was because Frank was bitten, and that’s when the game plot thickens. Frank was trying to get away and hated Bill.

Joel and Ellie get the car they need and manage to get out of Bill’s maze. They head back on the road, and that’s the last we see of the two characters.

The TV show gave Bill and Frank a very different ending. We get to see their love grow, and we come to realize that Bill may be a gruff loner, but he also wants the survival of the world. He also loves his partner to the end of the world, so as Frank gets ill and takes his own life, Bill follows. It’s not like the game has told us if that happened or not, after all!

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