The Last of Us episode 6 recap: What happens to Joe in the end?

The Last of Us Episode 6
The Last of Us Episode 6 /

The Last of Us episode 6 is now streaming on HBO Max and you’re not going to want to miss this one! Still need to watch it? If so, please note there are spoilers ahead. The final moments of the latest episode left us all on the edge of our seats desperate for answers (and crying, or was that just me?) so let’s dive right in.

Final spoiler alert! We discuss significant moments from episode 6. Go stream it on HBO Max before reading ahead. 

It’s the reunion we have all been waiting for, though no more than Joel (Pedro Pascal) has been. In The Last of Us episode 6, Joel reunites with his brother, Tommy (Gabriel Luna). Finding his brother is the reason Joel agreed to help Ellie (Bella Ramsey), but things don’t go as Joel had hoped. Tommy is happy to see Joel, but Tommy has now settled down and expecting a child. Tommy also plays a large part in the small town he and his wife Maria now live in. That said, joining Joel on his journey is not something Tommy wants to do.

After Joel tells Tommy about Ellie, Tommy reluctantly agrees that this mission is important and agrees to take Ellie so Joel can stay and recover. But after a confrontation with Ellie, Joel decides to carry on this mission himself. And, well, it didn’t go well.

Who attacks Joel in The Last of Us episode 6?

As expected, the infected are not the only group Joel and Ellie need to look out for. There are groups of survivors who have rotten intentions. In fact, Joel and Tommy were part of these groups at one point. The men who attacked Joel appear to be well fed and with plenty of energy, they come from a larger group for sure. And I have a feeling we’ll be seeing them again!

Does Joel die in The Last of Us episode 6?

No. But he is in really bad shape and with no one around but Ellie to help! Joel needs to get somewhere safe, and fast! Now, does Joel die in the video game? We’re not spoiling those details. After all, this is based on the game, but there’s no guarantee the series will follow the story exactly as the game tells it. So, for now, Joel is alive. Keep your fingers crossed for episode 7.

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