Who plays Maria Miller on The Last of Us? (Where do you know the actress from?)

The Last of Us Episode 6
The Last of Us Episode 6 /

The Last of Us has crossed the halfway mark and this exciting series is primed to thrill viewers even more as we speed toward the finale. Episode 6, “Kin,” reunites brothers Joel and Tommy. The last time the audience saw the two together was the premiere’s devastating opening sequence as the government caused chaos just as much as the Infected did while the world changed forever.

Up until this point, Joel had been trying to get in touch with his brother and when that failed he planned a mission to travel to Wyoming to find him. Besides protecting Ellie, that’s been his sole focus. Now that goal is about to be achieved, Joel will also have to contend with the life Tommy has created without him. A part of this life is Maria Miller, a member of the group and community he’s fallen in with in Wyoming.

Fans of the supernatural/paranormal genre likely recognized the actress who plays Maria immediately. Same thing goes for viewers familiar with the Bordelons. But, if you can’t seem to place who she is, here’s what we know about her!

Who plays Maria Miller on The Last of Us?

Maria Miller is played by Rutina Wesley who’s mostly known for her work as Tara Thornton on True Blood and Nova Bordelon on Queen Sugar. She’s also starred in DMZ, the film The Perfect Guy, and Hannibal just to name a few of the titles she’s been a part of.

Wesley has been nominated for Scream, NAACP Image, and Black Reel awards. She won a Satellite award for Best Cast as a member of True Blood‘s ensemble and two Black Reel Awards for Outstanding Actress in a Drama series for the role of Nova Bordelon.

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