Lifetime movies coming in March 2023: Black Girl Missing and more

Black Girl Missing. AE Networks.
Black Girl Missing. AE Networks. /

Lifetime kicks off its new slate of monthly movies on Friday, March 3 with She Inherited Danger, a film that sees a young woman inheriting her grandfather’s theater. She initially plans on selling it, but when she changes course and starts planning a re-opening for the landmark theater, danger comes knocking.

From there the network’s devoted viewers can anticipate new releases each weekend. Lifetime’s most talked about movies premiere on Saturdays beginning with Black Girl Missing, Garcelle Beauvais’ new Lifetime film.

The movie follows a mother in desperate search for her daughter. At first Cheryl (Beauvais) thought her daughter, Lauren, simply wasn’t returning her calls because they’d gotten into an argument about Lauren dropping out of college. But as time passed, it became clear that her daughter was missing. Cheryl reaches out to the authorities and the media for assistance, but she’s promptly rebuffed due to her race as they are focusing their efforts on a missing white girl.

Refusing to let that be the end of her efforts, with the help of her 15 year old daughter Marley, Cheryl seeks the help of a community of amateur internet sleuths and the Black and Missing Foundation. In the process, she’s horrified to learn of the disparity in attention and resources given to case focused on missing people of color.

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Lifetime movies coming in March 2023

*Premiere times are 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on the network. Next day streaming is available on Check out their schedule for when the movies will re-air.

Friday, March 3

She Inherited Danger – A young woman inherits her grandfather’s theater and runs into danger when she plans to re-open it.

Saturday, March 4

Black Girl Missing – Cheryl, a mother in search of her missing daughter, Lauren, encounters road blocks when the authorities and media dismiss Lauren as a runaway. She seeks help through other channels and finds a broken system that’s neglected the cases of missing people of color.

Sunday, March 5

Stranger Next Door – Rochelle Sellers is a retired officer whose been ostracized from her former crew. She spends her days working from home and caring for her father. When she attracts the attention of her next door neighbor, Rochelle thinks her fun fantasy has born fruit but then she discovers the man has a dangerous obsession with her.

Friday, March 10

A Lifeguard’s Obsession – After saving a well-known woman’s life, a lonely lifeguard is convinced he’s earned a place in her heart.

Saturday, March 11

Girl in the Closet – When Patricia suffers an aneurysm, her 10 year old daughter Cameron is placed in the care of her aunt Mia who’s a convicted murderer. Patricia searches for over a decade for a child meanwhile Mia collects foster care checks and does unspeakable harm to the girl who she keeps locked in a closet.

Saturday, March 18

The Hillsdale Adoption Scam – Bethany and Terrance have all they could want–a successful business, lots of friends, and a family they love–but they can’t have more kids. When a woman named Georgia shows up on their doorstep looking for help, Bethany sees her pregnancy as a means of expanding their family if they can adopt Georgia’s child. However, something isn’t right about the situation and Georgia’s a cunning woman who’s more than she seems.

Friday, March 24

Twisted Sister – Emily’s life is on a good track. Her marriage has healed, her PR firm is doing well, and she has a beautiful daughter. When she learns she has a sister, Lily, Emily welcomes her with open arms. With her parents gone, Emily’s thankful to have another family member around. Or, at least she is at first. Lily’s jealous of her life and plans on stealing it along with her husband.

Saturday, March 25

Every Breath She Takes – Jules thought she was free of her abusive husband Billy after a house fire took his life. But when the town begins to whisper about her, she’s accused of arson, and people around her get caught in mysterious accidents, Jules begins to wonder if she really did gain her freedom that day. After all, she keeps seeing her deceased husband wherever she goes.

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