Is that really Riley Keough singing in Daisy Jones and The Six?

Daisy Jones and The Six premieres March 3 on Prime Video
Daisy Jones and The Six premieres March 3 on Prime Video /

Daisy Jones and The Six, the Prime Video series based on Taylor Jenkins Reid’s book of the same name, is coming to a screen near you in March.

The show follows the fictional iconic ’70s band that took the world by storm. Their album, Aurora, is considered the album of the period. However, in their universe, the group never moved past it. They were at the height of the career and then they disbanded much to the heartbreak of their fans.

What happened? You’ll have to watch the series to find out, but we’re telling you it’s a wild ride. Just what you’d expect from a sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll tale full of love, drama, and the kind of music that’ll leave you with a hole in your heart.

With the trailer out, prospective viewers have gotten the chance to hear the band play. As such, they’ve now heard Daisy Jones’ singing voice for the first time. But is that Riley Keough singing along with Sam Claflin’s Billy Dunne? Here’s what we know!

Is that Riley Keough singing in Daisy Jones and The Six?

Yes, it is! Though Keough is the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, and the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, prior to being cast she hadn’t really sung much outside of the shower. However, she was willing to do what she needed to in order to play Daisy Jones including learning how to belt.

Keough told Vanity Fair the following about the experience:

"“I was like, what does that even mean? I didn’t even know how one gets to be able to sing loud. I went to a vocal coach and I was like, they need me to belt.”Her agent suggested she try ripping out something like Lady Gaga’s “Shallow” from A Star Is Born remake in her car to get in the mindset.“I was like, are you out of your mind, it’s not an easy song to sing.  I sounded so bad that I started crying. I was like, I can’t do it, and when I can’t do something it lights a fire in me to be able to do it. I was like, I have to do it. I’m gonna go to this vocal coach, and he’s gonna teach me how to f–king belt, whatever I need to do to get this. It really became about pushing myself to do things I’ve never done before.”"

As book fans know, Daisy had a similar experience when it came to singing “Impossible Woman.” Billy believed in her, and after some truly terrible takes, she finally found the sound the song needed and sang her heart out. Seems like Keough was born for this role.

Does Riley Keough play an instrument in Daisy Jones and The Six?

Yes, that’s also her playing the piano in the series. She had some experience from when she played as a child, but the role of Daisy required her to lean into her musicality. None of the cast members dubbed their parts. They all play their instruments. The point was to make their chemistry on stage and their songs feel as authentic as possible.

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